Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

I think I’m the opposite. I’d prefer they just leave the store as it is now if it means I keep getting free games to try. The launcher has always worked fine for me and does what I need it to do. I don’t really ever use any of the extra stuff on steam like reviews or workshop so I don’t really miss it on Epic.I really never even open up steam except maybe when a big sale is going on to see if I want to buy anything. I launch everything through Playnite.

If they did all that, what would lead you to buying on Epic rather than Steam?

Better functionality? Perhaps better prices they could offer due to taking lower cut?

I mean, as it stands, Epic is barely making any money from third party sales, and from me specifically, they lost money, because the only games I bought there were subsidized by their coupon.

So it couldn’t get any worse for them than it is now.

I think they already stopped their exclusivity bullshit? At least the most bullshit part, like at the start where they paid for people removing games that were going to appear on Steam, like the Metro Exodus case.
Notice how the ubisoft games are coming to Steam now, too.

They are doing now proper publisher stuff for a few games, they pay a studio to help development and they get the rights in exchange.

No dog in this fight, but I like me some free games. Some are actually good, just sayin’.

Dead Island 2 is not coming to Steam or GOG at launch, so not yet (although who knows when that deal was signed). I sure hope it will be one of the, or better yet, the last game prevented from steam and gog release by Epic.

edit - the very interesting looking Crime Boss game that’s being made right here is apparently also exclusivity paid for by Epic.

The Epic exclusivity bullshit is still happening. 100% they will make you wait an extra year to buy that game you want on Steam. (Already did it for Hitman 3)

Worst case by a million parsecs for me is Sins of the Solar Empire 2.

As far as playing games on Epic, I’ve only played two so far: Grand Theft Auto 5, and Into the Breach. I actually kinda want to rebuy Into the Breach on steam only so I don’t have to deal with Epics dogshit launcher. Because it is truly dogshit.

I have the epic launcher put a shortcut on the desktop when I install the game, and then I don’t have to interact with it again. Well worth it for the free games, some of which I’ve actually played to completion.

Same here. That’s why I’m baffled about complaints about the launcher. Who cares? You double-click an icon and the game starts.

That’s fine if I am playing one game and just playing that every day for a while. Often I am opening Steam not knowing what I am going to play and just looking. It’s low-hanging fruit that Epic should fix. On a Mac it’s far worse. I guess kudos to Epic for putting out a Mac app for the platform he hates, but it is complete shit.

Yup, that makes sense. I definitely do not operate in that way, I have a game I’m playing and I do that for a while, then move on to the next one.

+1. Free is the best kind of things, and I’ve actually found some good, playable games for free via Epic which I otherwise wouldn’t have ever been interested in. No complaints here.

I regret buying Hitman 3 and Anno 1800 on Epic, and it boils my blood to see Anno 1800 on the Steam front page now. I am pretty sure that will be the last time I give them my money - GC4 and SoaSE2 will have to wait.

Could be worse. I feel bad that I bought Warhammer 2 on Epic. I haven’t even played it yet, and they gave away Warhammer 2 through Amazon Prime.

Could have saved 5 dollars.
But, I did get Warhammer 1 and the Elf Expansion for free, so I guess that is a wash.

The one thing I am sad about is Spellforce 3. There are 3 stand alone games, 2 of which are on steam, one on Epic. Since they aren’t all on the same platform, it means I can’t seem less move from one version to the other, despite all three being registered with the same THQNORD account.
(It’s even worse for GoG though, since even if you own all three games on GoG, it won’t link the games together, and launch from the launcher).

I believe if you have Anno 1800 on Epic you “really” have it on Ubisoft’s platform; at least that was the case for me. I bought the expansions directly from Ubisoft, for example. I believe I installed it once via the Epic platform, and then after that just used Ubisoft’s platform (e.g. for a reinstall and the expansions). Not that Ubisoft’s software is any better than Epic’s, IMO, but at least I could cut out the middleman. Plus I have some hope that I won’t lose it when Ubisoft decides to rework their agreements with the rest of the industry again.

Now, it seems pretty unlikely that Ubisoft will give a Steam key to people who have it on their own platform, so I’m guessing you’re still out of luck there.

I don’t need to thanks. I just buy my games on Steam and don’t have to deal with Epic’s shitty store. They have yet to offer a free game I have wanted that I didn’t own already.

?? - I’m seeing the same four Spellforce 3 titles available on both platforms: Reforced, Versus, Fallen God, and Soul Harvest.

If you buy the 3 main games on the same Platform, you can use the same launcher for all three games, because it loads up all three games.

It also gives you access to all 6 factions when you open up the game.

Currently, if I open the game on Steam, I get access to 5 of the 6 factions in MP and access to the base game and Soul Harvest.

If I open the game in Epic, I have access to 4 of the 6 factions in MP and access to the Fallen DLC.

It’s not the biggest deal, but it is a thing. It’s just annoying, because all three games are registered with the Publishers service.

At least it’s not GOG. They never got the system to work.

And at least it’s not Warhammer Total War. Once you buy one game, you pretty much are locked in.

Some of you really use only one digital store?? I feel like then you’re depriving yourself of lots of classic games on GOG and lots of indie games on itch. At that point, adding Epic (and Ubi and EA and Amazon and Humble) is just not that big of a deal. Yeah, it would be convenient to see things all in one place, but once you get over the hang-up, it’s fine. Opening up a different app is like traveling to a different neighborhood and seeing what restaurants (games) are in the area.