Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


I care about companies that make games I love - Obsidian, CD Projekt, IOI, Warhorse, Larian, 4A…I buy games from these full priced and often in Collector’s Editions to boot. These companies have so far also been extremely pro-customer and offered their games on all major platforms, some of them even GOG, so that’s great. May it long continue.

I do not care in the least about EA, Activision, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Warner…and if these happen to make a game I want, I will buy it wherever it is cheapest. And if they make it available on one exclusive store, I will wait for a sale.

As far as Epic is concerned, I plan to get the freebies and otherwise ignore them. That could change if they, say, moneyhatted Rockstar for exclusive PC version of RDR2, but it would piss me off.


Ok, the server was probably just getting hammered, got the game now.


Oh man, his BG2 guide was absolutely amazing.


I somewhat agree with the idea principle, but I don’t think it is would survive its meeting with the Steam reality. I fear that if Valve started giving guide authors anything valuable in exchange, you would shortly see a flood of null-content and plagiarized guides. Just look at the scale of the card-farming or asset-flipping nonsense going on over there!

Of course, they could offer merely symbolic rewards, but wouldn’t that be more insulting than the current model?


Online retailers are already too fragmented. People who register and buy games wherever they are cheapest on all 10000 retailers have too much free time on their hands. I like Steam’s community features because once again I don’t want to register on all 10000 developers’ private forums. I go to Steam and GOG and Qt3 and that’s all I have patience for.


Looks like Ubisoft could be making the move from Steam to the EGS. Certainly The Division 2 will be making the move from Steam to EGS.


Do try to keep up.


It’s a fast moving thread, there’s been about 75 posts since that was linked. :)


And assuming the forum software put me at the top of the top of the unread messages like it should have, I even bothered to check all those 75 posts, haha. Guess I needed to go deeper (higher)! Though I definitely did not have any recall of it being discussed the last time I checked the thread, so hey-o thanks memory.


Says the guy who apparently hasn’t yet located the Bungie/Activision thread.


Look, there are 2 threads that work for that topic.


Though… that just makes them more like Steam…

The BBB is kinda bullshit anyway.


This. It’s been a long time since the BBB rating meant anything other than crap.


Doh, Epic didn’t pay their protection money this year.


Yeah, a pattern of not responding to refund requests because the game didn’t run properly? Dost thou even game, BBB?


That’s pretty stupid. they give a rating by just counting the number of complaints? Have they heard about percentages??
If you don’t take in account the total amount of customers, you can’t know if “100 complaints” a very small number or a very big one.


It works pretty well for independent businesses like your local mechanic, not so much for global ones.


Epic Store now supports regional pricing and their refund policy is now similar to Steam’s policy.


Oh snap! Doing some customer focused things!


Update your consumer benefits comparison infographics! Two more in the Epic column!