Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Though… that just makes them more like Steam…

The BBB is kinda bullshit anyway.


This. It’s been a long time since the BBB rating meant anything other than crap.


Doh, Epic didn’t pay their protection money this year.


Yeah, a pattern of not responding to refund requests because the game didn’t run properly? Dost thou even game, BBB?


That’s pretty stupid. they give a rating by just counting the number of complaints? Have they heard about percentages??
If you don’t take in account the total amount of customers, you can’t know if “100 complaints” a very small number or a very big one.


It works pretty well for independent businesses like your local mechanic, not so much for global ones.


Epic Store now supports regional pricing and their refund policy is now similar to Steam’s policy.


Oh snap! Doing some customer focused things!


Update your consumer benefits comparison infographics! Two more in the Epic column!


What? They made the refund policy more restrictive.


How so? Epic previously only allowed two refunds, ever. As in lifetime. Or so I thought?


Kids need rules!


It was initially 2, plus another 1 each year (but they did not accumulate). The new policy is definitely more liberal in general.


It depends on how you look at it. The Epic policy two weeks ago was two refunds per account with any purchase within 14 days. However you can always create multiple accounts so it was pitifully easy to get free games on Epic. Create an account, buy a game, play for 14 days. Do the same for another game. Create a new account. Repeat. With few features to tie a user to want to keep a particular account, why the heck not create a new one? Epic’s old refund policy was a legal way of renting games for free. Now with the two hour restriction it is not.

Not that I have much of an interest in doing so. I have enough free games I have not been able to play the ones on Twitch that I got for free never mind getting more on Epic. But the new policy is more restrictive if someone intended on legally (albeit immorally) abusing it.


Oh, interesting. I didn’t see “easily-abused refund policy” in the positives column for Epic in the infographics. They must’ve forgotten.


They are going to have to re-do the front page eventually, it can’t just be an infinite scroll of jpeg links to games you can buy. Imagine 500 games on an infinite scroll. Not alphabetical, and no way to sort price or release date.


Nintendo seems happy with their infinite scroll solution for the eShop on Switch, and like 20 pieces of crap launch there every week.


I am not happy with it.


Regional pricing, sigh. That’s the reason I barely buy on Steam now that they made it regional and pricematched to physical stores. It’s about 10-15 dollars more per (non discounted) game than it used to be.

So far prices on epic are still in USD, here’s to hoping they keep it that way and ignore the existence of my silly country.


Which is probably why they changed it. Too restrictive for the decent customer and too easily abused for the unscrupulous one.