Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Every single complaint in any thread in the Games section of QT3 is a first world problem. We all understand that there are bigger issues in the world.

We are here to discuss a shared hobby however and the Epic store is a major disruption that people are interested in debating.

I could use your response to any other complaint here in the Games section.


Yes, but none would be anywhere near as petty as this particular one.


I don’t think you’ll find a lot of people opposed to having games on Steam and Epic.


I was referring to Microsoft’s decision as consumer friendly by opting to put the games on at least one other store when they are first party titles fully owned by MS. I fully expected MS exclusivity.


Keep digging.


Is it on the Epic store? I thought it was a MS and Steam exclusive?


No Epic version of Halo? How anti-consumer! I wonder how big the money hat Valve gave MS was.


It’s not on Epic! That’s it, I am done with MS, fuck those guys for not being on Epic.

Once again, MS shows just how anti consumer it actually is.


Why only Steam, though. Shouldn’t it be on every store so customers can decide?


Gives me hope for State of Decay 2 on STEAM.


If Steam starts bribing devs and pubs, my position is not going to change because it’s Steam. I won’t like it either. It should be on Epic too.


Absolutely, that would be ideal.

Think of it on a spectrum. MS is sliding farther towards the consumer friendly side, far from ideal but better than single store exclusivity which was expected since MS wholly owns Halo properties.

I do want games to be on as many stores as possible, with a personal preference of DRM free ones.


How do we know they didn’t? Maybe they didn’t give them money up front but some other perk, like a better share of the sales of Halo then they would a typical game sold on steam? Maybe they made a deal with MS that they would provide more advertising for the Halo game and give it a better spotlight on the market? How is that any different than providing cash upfront for an exclusive?


If you would like to prove Valve is not or is doing the same thing Epic is, go for it. Nothing is stopping you.


Did Steam pay MS for exclusivity? It is also on the MS Store.

Also, awesome! Halo on Steam!!!


I would guess Microsoft had to pay STEAM $100 to get the game on the store. Isn’t that the official policy?

I imagine it went like this:


Epic only invites curated games to their store, so ask Epic why they haven’t invited Halo over.


What are these “curated games” you speak of, they sound special?


I didn’t realize Halo MCC was initially announced to release on the Epic store as an option then Valve came swooping in with their piles of Half Life 2 money and made a minimum sales guarantee to move Halo to Steam at the last minute as a year long exclusive.

That must stink for you and Brad being early Fig backers of the Halo franchise hoping for your promised Epic keys.


And here I am, without my violin.