Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

On mobile, the total discount shows in pink. So $29.99.

Thanks, I checked again and I can see the purple tabs now. Not sure what the issue was before (I’m also on mobile fwiw)

I’m hoping they will change Hades price later. In Europe, right now because a previous discount the game is below the $15 mark, so the $10 discount isn’t applied to it.
From what I read, in USA is different, and it has the discount.

Hades is showing $7 here with the discount.

John Wick Hex is $8 w/td.

Anyone played Operencia btw? Any good?

Maybe I will have to pick up satisfactory now.

I think 78% off for Oxygen Not Included is by far an all time low for that game. Really good price.

So you get another $10 off games over $14.99? Oooh, just found the faq. Seems so. That makes Outward $11?

And that they’re giving you discounts on stuff recently purchased too is pretty awesome.

I may have to break down and get Outward and Subnautica.

I’m not touching the game I read as John Wick Sex, though.

Was Outward only $22 before? It was more expensive for me.

39.99 down to 21.99, plus the $10 off. So $12. On US store which took me 15 minutes to get in due to timeouts.

Umm… anyone notice all the Ubisoft games are gone from the store?

aarrrgh, I just bought Outward yesterday on the humble store for 30$and activated/downloaded on Steam. No refunds, then… So I would have jumped the waggon, and bought it on EGS… I see, Obeservation the new SciFi Thriller from Devolver is only 9 bucks preorder, hm…

That’s the game I’m looking at too. I too want to know if it’s good.

I hate you guys, why your discounts are so much better:


We opt for cheap games instead of affordable healthcare!

Umm… $21.99 is after the $10 discount. So its $21.99 final cost.

Mmmm… I may preorder John Wick Hex, even it’s on EGS, but it is cheap enough to take the plunge.

The $10 discount thing from Epic is pretty cool. This is the kind of thing I was hoping to see out the gate instead of the exclusivity stuff.