Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Even though the devs do not see few dollars the net effect is that their product is devalued.

So it is not a contradiction because Sergy is speaking of the retail price, not the developer proceeds.

Yeah, shopping sucks still.

I was kind of interested in some of these titles, but to get any useful info I had to go to Steam or the dev’s actual page. Terrible.

He’s not talking about devaluation and he’s not saying low prices are bad in the abstract.

He’s saying that developers are misreading the market, and that the extra volume in sales from having rock-bottom prices doesn’t make up for it. He’s talking about the ability for indies to build a viable business. i.e. increasing the money coming in. The retail price is obviously an important part of that calculation but only inasmuch as the dev’s share is a fixed percentage of it.

All of that quite clearly does not apply when you’re talking about a sale where the discount is paid for by the storefront. In a situation like that you’re benefiting from the increased volume that the lower price brings without having to give up the revenue.

Yeah, I don’t get it. There seems like a conscious decision to leave out details of the games and just put up some screenshots and video. It’s… weird.

I imagine most of that will be revised in storefront 2.0, which according to their roadmap, is slated for June. Not far off! Rather than piecemeal it out I imagine there will be a big change followed by smaller ones.

Well, as long as they have it shaped up by the time you launch. Otherwise there’s gonna be hell to pay. cracks knuckles

You can say he is not talking about devaluation but that is what happened. Other consumers will see that historical low price and make decisions on the value of the product based on that information. The immediate increased volume is wonderful but it may have a negative long-term impact on sales at the higher price point when consumers know it was offered for much less.

and a store not working at all, as I have tried to buy Hades now 5 times.

Gets stuck at “loading your order”

But that wasn’t Epic’s doing. Supergiant getting confused and Paradox not reading their email can’t totally be laid at Epic’s feet.

Wait. Did Paradox or Epic publish what was communicated to each other before the sale?

No, and they said that Paradox wasn’t aware of the sale mechanics ahead of time. Don’t expect that to stop some people here from carrying Epic’s water, though.

From Galyonkin intially:

Galyonkin later:

Maybe he just meant he recently found out Paradox doesn’t read their email.

A lot of the kerfuffle seems to surround not just the sale mechanics but how those sale mechanics interacted with the regional pricing. So it could have been that Paradox read the email but the full extent of the impact of the epic discount wasn’t totally clear to them at that time.

Which honestly seems likely with how frantic random devs like super giant reacted and the fact that it’s perfectly normal for GMG and other store fronts to discount preorders to $45.

This is true. When I check isthereanydeal and see the lowest price there, I am not exactly super enthused to buy a game for higher than what I see there.

Seems the $10 discount has been removed from Borderlands 3.

Nice, I got both Hades and BL3 with the discount! Eat it suckahs!

At this rate by the time June 13th hits, the store will have no games with a discount. :P

Official slogan of the sale:

Still there, but somehow it appears only when you do the checkout.

Just think of it like a flash deal without a timer.