Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Thanks. The free games have been coming so fast lately, I’m not sure if I caught them all.

Wait, why is your link have the description of the game in French?

We’ll never know as long as Steam policies forbid this.

I blame google, as I couldn’t even find a direct link to it via the epic launcher.

Here we go! Not French version!

Then why can a place like Green Man Gaming do it?

GMG offers the same base price as Steam on a new game, then puts up the discounts (via codes) out of their own share of the profit, up to 25% usually on pre-orders.

So Epic can do the same right? Like what Nesrie was saying.

GOG, Paradox, GreenManGaming… EA, MS, Amazon. You’re acting like Steam is the only other storefront which is simply not true.

There are too many people who think that anti-exclusives is simply pro-Steam. That is not always the case.

If Epic Games really wants to show they want to compete, get rid of the exclusives. If they become exclusive because of Valve’s policies, then let that be on Valve. Prove it. Prove the only reason that Epic can’t post something for 20.00 and Steam can’t have it for 29.99 (or whatever the difference is) is Valve’s fault. No exclusives. They don’t get to dictate the the split for other companies… they can however push it through price. This is, of course, assuming his latest stated goal is actually the goal.

Steam controls 90% of the market. Until that is no longer the case the policies of everyone else don’t matter.

This is a false choice. Competing on content is competition.

I don’t think that is fair.

GOG, Paradox, and EA are all based around selling exclusives, even if they have other titles. MS is a failure as a store front, and I haven’t seen Amazon sell much in the way in games, at least not digitally. It’s only been Steam Keys recently.

And of course, GreenManGaming is the just key reseller for Steam, so you aren’t getting away from steam. It’s still a Steam title using the steam system.

So, of the ones you mentioned, 3 started out selling games that were exclusive to it. Actually, 4 if you count Microsoft (although why would you). Why shouldn’t Epic follow as similar tried and true route?

I’m not the one who said we will never know because of Valve’s policies.

This was your point, not mine.

And for exclusives that don’t have to worry about Steam, like Borderlands 3? Still $60.

Anno 1800: $60.

Games that publishers sell directly from their site, where they have to share $0 with a retailer? $60.

Well, I guess as long as one exclusive game still uses the industry standard MSRP now that definitely proves a future universal adoption of a significantly lower revenue share for stores will never lead to a price reduction for anything. Airtight logic, there.

What you’ve discovered is that your argument is a tautology.

I mean, it won’t. There won’t be any price reductions on “full price” games. Games are already too cheap.

That’s not what happened, but it is interesting you absorbed it that way.

This so ain’t my fight/thread. But this is funny.

Maybe I’m confused, but GMG doesn’t pay Steam anything for the keys, do they? So when they’ve got coupons, the reduction is just coming out of the 30% they’d usually be pocketing.

I fail to see how they’re not meaningful competition to Steam. As a consumer, I get both lower prices and the benefits of Steam as a platform such as forums, patching, and mods.

That’s not true. People have been making that claim before in this thread, and then been unable to back it up. To save you time, the actual policy is published here: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/keys

As you can see, the policy has nothing to say about how you’re allowed to sell the game. All it’s concerned about is how you sell the Steam keys. (And it really is quite unambiguous; “We ask you to treat Steam customers no worse than customers buying Steam keys outside of Steam”)

They’re not competition in the sense that Valve can kill them whenever they want to if GMG became a relevant percentage. Valve largely lets them do whatever because they are irrelevant from a market share perspective and having one more road that leads to Steam is more useful.

The issue isn’t “getting away from Steam”, the issue is whether Steam has any competitors in selling games. GMG is most assuredly a competitor and they consistently undercut Steam in price.