Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

People who have kids who game?

Or do you think people still HotSeat/Split-screen everything?

Yes. That’s how you win Golden Eye.

It’s pretty common when your kid plays PC games and you play PC games, and you want to play something together. My son and I were playing Remnant last night!

Heh. The thing is, there are precious few benefits, in real terms, that a so-called free market alternative to the current Amazon dominance would bring. I mean, right now, I can get pretty much everything I want, from books to dog grooming stuff to food products through Amazon, and get it cheap, fast, and with zero risk. From a consumer point of view, there is precious little benefit to more competition, given that only a behemoth could offer that sort of performance.

The danger I guess is in the long term, when Amazon decides that, having crushed all other vendors, it can price gouge, but I really think that’s a remote possibility with mass market stuff. In niche markets, maybe (c.f. Apple), but with bulk stuff?

Has this announcement been covered here? I’m not reading all fifty gazillion posts to check…

My husband and I both have high end PCs. We work at home at sit right next to each other. We also game together and quite often buy two copies of games with co-op so we can play them together. And as noted above, households with kids can also have the same scenario. I’m not sure why it’s so far fetched.

I’m afraid you got onioned

As others have chimed in, at one point I had 3 sons who all gamed with me (only one living at home with me now), and I constantly buy games on their behalf.

…i do know its a joke…

It’s very common to have one credit card to be used for multiple accounts. Why is this even a discussion point? This is 2019.

Yes. I know it might come as a suprise, but having kids is expensive for all kinds of reasons.

One of them being that if you want to play multiplayer with them as they grow up, you will be buying multiple copies of a game. I have 4-5 copies of the Borderlands, Minecraft, left 4 dead, Rocket League, Terraria, … A couple of FIFA copies to play online against my son, …

Don’t know why you think that would be very rare for families. If the parents game, that’s likely pretty much a must do. And I don’t have a different credit card to use per child.

That said, I do appreciate games we can play split screen on the Xbox for obvious reasons.

Damn, I forgot how wealthy the average Qt3er is.

My kids are still too young to game with, but after the mortgage, funding my retirement, putting money in my emergency fund, and paying student loans, it’s hard to imagine having enough money for multiple decent gamer computers or multiple consoles. Heck, my own recent gaming computer was a gift from my parents, otherwise I would still be running 10 year desktop (with a few pieces of updated hardware).

Between stagnate wages and giant student loans, it’s hard to imagine me getting to a placee that I few comfortable buying multiple machines, all for the same purpose.

Oh well, first world problems, as they say.

I’m right there with you. I’ve been feeling the pain of both of those the past several years.

That’s sort of what I am doing. Built my PC in August, 10 years ago, though have since replaced the mobo and CPU when they failed 5 years back and have upgraded the GPU. Not sure how much time I have left with the old rig.

FYI you can play many games multiplayer on LAN i.e. offline steam-wise using the steam goldberg emulator (on mobile so no link). Also, many games can then be turned to split screen using nucleuscoop, another program. So there’s no reason to have games on multiple accounts unless you want to play multiplayer with the rest of the world.

Many modern games don’t really give you a choice on this. It’s online with the world, and maybe solo is allowed, but you still need to be online.

I am sure I am not the only one who plays with couples online. They each have a computer, each have an account, and they’re online. Hell couples and their kids, three accounts, same household, one child… playing with other people.

This is not the super weird set-up anyone is trying to make it out to be, and it has nothing to do with with how rich or not rich someone is. It’s just three different machines playing online from the same house. Those machines can be old, and the game might be new and 60 dollars or a pack of four that was like 7.99 each; it might even be a free game. This is not a rich man vs poor man thing. It’s a it’s 2019 and you can use the same credit card on as many stores/accounts as you feel like it. It’s just a lazy storefront that thinks seeing the same card on a couple of accounts auto magically means fraud.

I don’t have money for multiple computers. My wife’s is 7 years old. Mine about 5. My daughter has a nine year old computer which is one of the oldest discarded ones. I upgraded mine too a NVidia 1060 at some point. Probably not worth doing on my wife’s. When we get the money, well upgrade hers.

I can’t afford new ones. But I can afford to buy more than one copy of a game once in a while. And they run on those computers.

2 of my kids are fortunately old enough that they can mostly take care of their entertainment budget now.

When you are given the choice, you’ll likely want to have fun with your kids too and appreciate the fact they want to play with you. Doesn’t last forever.

Yep. We’ve played that way with other couples. Great fun.

Didn’t mean to agree with any of the criticism of buying multiple copies – it’s completely valid. Just providing some info for those who may not have been aware.

Because it isn’t far fetched at all. The only reason we are even discussing this is because some people are trying really hard to deflect any and all criticism towards Epic for some reason, and countering some of the criticism requires spouting completely utter bullshit.