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Sure - the example that I noticed most recently (because I was at PDXCon!) is Hearts of Iron 4. For an older example, Panzer General 2. Many games use the iron cross on a red background and leave you with the idea that you saw a swastika, when you didn’t.

I’m certainly not saying “no game has ever used a swastika” (I assume without checking that Wolfenstein 3D did, and I know the original Apple II Wolfenstein did.) But enough noticeably don’t use it that it’s part of this discussion.

EDIT: Had to look this one up. The recent game Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which is a game about killing Nazis, does not have swastikas in it.

I found this.

It could be that people in general just don’t like the Swastika. Heck, I heard blow back from games, where instead of commanding German forces, you actual portray German generals, and people don’t feel comfortable with that. So, even outside of Germany, there is a lot of negative association with Nazi Germany, that is made worse by show Swastikas, and can hurt game sales.

So, although I can’t dispute that German historical ban (which I believe was lifted in 2018) may have had an impact, I think we also had to consider that people in general don’t want to be associated with Swastikas.

I personally feel more comfortable leading a Nazi Germany under an Iron Cross, rather then a Swastikas.

My only point here is that the German law clearly changed the resulting games of some major game publishers in the US market, and you really don’t see many people too upset about it.

And I would push against that and say that the audience had pushed against the usage of Nazi symbols, independently of the law.

People don’t want their gaming associated with Specific Nazis icons and characters.

I am trying to remember the game that was specifically talked about, but I am drawing a blank.

Wait. Are we making a distinction between games in which the player takes on the role of the Germans versus games in which the player fights Nazis?

Because I’m pretty sure no one but Nazis or Nazi apologists give a shit about killing Nazis in games.

I am sure I enjoy Nazis flags everywhere as much as the next guy. Which is too say, I feel a bit anxious when I see them, regardless of the setting.

It’s one thing to know that I am killing Nazis, but seeing the Swastikas makes it a bit too… Real. It removes me from the game because I am confronted by what that symbol represents. So, I prefer my Nazis to always be more abstract. I like to play the game, not question the morality of humanity.

But, I might be an outlier.

In any event, I think you could make the distinction. People don’t want to play under the Nazis Swastika. So, in any game in which you might play as the Germans, I could see the designers removing it.

I honestly don’t know if you’re an outlier or not, but the chatter I’ve always seen for games in which you slaughter Nazis is some kind of cheer for the violent dispatch of the villains. The more specifically and unabashedly Nazi, the better.

The most recent analogue I can think of was in Mafia 3. In a key story bit, the player kills numerous white supremacists at a gathering. They are the Klan in every way, but the game refuses to name them as the KKK and the only symbology kept consistent is the copious use of the Confederate Battle Flag. Killing the gathered idiots is cathartic, but not as it could be if the game actually gave them their correct name and icons. It’s a missed opportunity that others called out when the game was new.

Yeah, but the big difference between the KKK and Nazis is that the KKK never had Concentration or Death Camps.

Oh boy. Good luck with that. I am not going down the road of comparing and weighing atrocities.

Your feelings are yours, but I’m staying out of that discussion.

Either way, the ban was revoked in 2018, so it will be a cool natural experiment to see if anything changes.

They killed a shitload of people though, in horrific ways.

The only reason they didn’t have Death Camps is because they didn’t have control of the government.

Edit: Personally I’m in favor of swastikas because people need to be reminded. Whitewashing them all as Generic Germans doesn’t sit right with me. Heck, I even downloaded a flag patch for HoI4. Of course it means I generally can’t make myself play Germany, but whatever. Better to remember.

Excellent point. There is no point in designing a Nazi Faction for people to play as, if sticking Swastikas on them stops them from playing as the Nazis. If you want people to play as the Nazis, you have to white wash them in order to get any buy in. I certainly wouldn’t play Company of Heroes as the Germans if I new I would be Heinrich Himmler, or if I had to deal with Swastikas everywhere. And I would buy an DLCs.

You should resurrect the dead threads. I love seeing new thoughts on older games that I played years ago by someone playing them fresh years later.

Costume Quest & SOMA free in a week.

I resurrect dead threads all the time, I am still catching up on backlog games from 2013.

You should get your very own forum phylactery!

Wolfenstein: Youngblood was the first major game to be released in Germany with swastika since the ban was lifted. Now every product is checked on its own. Bethesda didn’t get into trouble. The game got the equivalent to an “18” rating, which isn’t really much of a problem.

Open up Epic
Click link to sale.
Its that video
Click link
Borderlands 3 at top, no price, just a click
Go back
Hang on that must have been it
Click back, find sale, scroll down, look for percentage reduction threshold (60-80%)
No percentage displayed.
Look through anyway
That was quick, its just as well filters and categories arent required
No AAA at silly just buy it anyway prices
Only Alan Wake sub-5
Download one of the freebies
Don’t install it

On the plus side I didnt have to wade through a metric fuckton of anime crap.

Yeah they have Borderlands 3 on sale, but not the base game nor season pass.

What is all that dramatic and inefficient back and forth about?

Step 1: navigate to epic store
Step 2: click Halloween sale collection

Step 3: all games are displayed with full and discounted price with only Borderlands being the odd one out that requires another click to see the bundle options.

That’s it. It tells you right there there are only 31 games. Hardly a bother to run through.

Sure filters will be nice once there are more games in a sale. As for percentages, do you need a percentage to know whether $40 instead of 60 is something you want to buy?

75% off is meaningless on its own anyway, since that doesn’t give you a price either. The starting and discounted prices are the numbers that matter to me personally.

The Epic store could use more user friendly options in its UI. But what you typed just Looks like an attempt to make it sound worse than it is.