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Nope - I normally just play the singleplayer, which is serverless - At other times, I purchase my own server through Gportal. Its not that expensive, and its rather fun to play together, and its also fun to just have your own server. The difference between singleplayer and having a server, is that some stuff, like fish traps that fill over time, are easier to maintain on a server where time passes when you are offline as well.
On the singleplayer, time only passes when you are online.

I dont have the best experience with public servers - Since there are A-hats everywhere, they tend to border up places with walls, making it difficult to have fun. I don’t enjoy that, nor really pvp - I am not interested in that.

I know there are a few rp servers which discourages that kind of behaviour, but those are not normal servers and are hosted by private people. I’d like to try that one day.

I’d also be up to join a server with you guys, but lets see what you guys say once you try it out!

Whoa… an MMO I can run completely without other people around? Sign me up! It’s my dream come true.

There’s nothing MMO about Conan Exiles.

You should check out Skyrim.

I heard I can play that on Alexa.

Well, apart from the multiple people that can inhabit the same world - but other than that, yeah, I agree :-)

So… Borderlands 3 is a MMO?

Nah, I’d more say that that was a co-op game - I guess for me the difference is the number of people that can play.

All this time I thought it was Yet Another MMO.

You may be thinking of Age of Conan :-)

It’s totally an MMO: Minimally Multiplayer Online (game)

Shit, I think you’re right.

Gotcha. Not trying to be pedantic, just want to make sure for people who haven’t played it that they understand what it is (and isn’t). Massively Multiplayer to me means thousands on a server a la UO, EQ, LOTRO, World of Warcraft, EVE etc. Conan doesn’t share any gameplay similarities with those titles.

To me it’s more like a Battlefield game in terms of the MP capabilities, just without map switching. You can rent a server, play with a small group or 30-60 players or whatever.

I didn’t realize they were even separate games.

Yeah, Conan Exiles is a game very much like Ark or other survival games. It’s a survival game with similar multiplayer capabilities.

I typically build three bases. The first by the newbie river. Once I’m around level 20 and need iron, it’s time to go north. I settle in the middle desert area near iron, water, and enemy camps for thralls. Once I’m around level 40, it’s time to head north again to the forest area. This is the last base I build.

You can pick up crafting stations now, so you can bring most of your stuff with you when you move.

Nice - sounds somewhat like how I do.

Are you ever in the swamps? I kinda love the setting, but I don’t see any good places, regarding resources to build.

Only, I really don’t like Ark, because of how long everything takes, but I get your point in that it is somewhat similar.

I just feel Conan is way better put together, and much more interesting in its world building.

Yup, same. I avoid the swamps.

Every single thing about that can - and really must! - be tuned with advanced config.