Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Aye - I think the biggest reason is the world I don’t enjoy as much - different strokes and all that.

I’ve been playing for the last month or so on my own dedicated server. Some community members built a whole front-end for it that takes care of everything. Works great, just be sure to change the ports because the server ports will conflict with the client if you’re running them on the same PC. The CPU hit is low, and the RAM hit is around 2-3GB.

(Setting up a dedicated server is unnecessary and overkill for people in this thread who are just looking to check out Conan Exiles.)

I even set up a second dedicated server to play with my son. Just tweak a couple of settings and suddenly it’s EZ-mode. I installed a mod to disable the blood and gibbing.

Thanks, that is good info!

Mind blown. I always thought this is the sequel to Age of Conan and therefore MMO.

Well, I am glad I could inform you otherwise :-)

I think this is the first time we’re building so much hype for a coming free game here at Qt3. Why can’t I have Conan Exiles right now? Hurry up Epic!

Yeah, no doubt. There isn’t an explicitly QT3 server, is there? Is there a limit as to how many people can be active on a server?

Well, I’ve had no issues with Epic previously, and I’ve loved all the free games I’ve gotten, but now the Epic game store crashed when I try to launch it. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled and it still crashes.

Care enough to talk about it a lot. Not care enough to actually pay for it. 😂🤣

Oh well.

Free game denied!

Be nice if they finalized these sorts of details before promoting Conan Exiles as a free game. I blame you lot for getting me excited about it.

What, that is some grade-A bullshit. What a boneheaded move. I was never an Epic hater but this stunt burned through a lot of goodwill!

I was promised free penis physics.

That…was rather stupid…and silly.


“The Epic Games Store team has decided that Conan Exiles will not be free”
I understand that deals fall through, but that strikes me as a strangely…prickly? Almost snide? way to phrase that.

It’s a free game man, chill out.

What do you hope to accomplish with this comment. I can tell you that telling someone to “chill out,” particularly someone you don’t really know, will never have the effect supposedly intended by the words themselves.

chill, dude.