Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

I just went to the Epic store to look for Exiles, and didn’t even see any announcement, just that it wasn’t in the free bin and the store page is all “coming soon” except for the mod kit or whatever. /shrug

I mean, I was going to get it for free, sure, but it wasn’t much on my radar anyhow. The way this played out though does seem a bit…amateurish?

Lighten up, Francis.

And yeah, definitely a miscommunication somewhere with Funcom.

What a bizzarely worded tweet. And tweeting it like 30 minutes before it is supposed to go live? Strange. Guess I won’t be trying it out quite yet (sorry Razgon :)

Dollars to donuts they only got word from Funcom at the last minute. That, or someone within Epic screwed up royally, but I imagine the former. Now, it could be both–Funcom could have said “yeah, this is a go, unless X or Y or Z happens, so don’t publicize it until we give you the OK.” And Epic says, “well, you’re pretty sure it’s ok, right?” and Funcom says “well, yeah, 80%, but still, sit on it for a bit, mkay?” and Epic hears only “it’s pretty sure to be a go” and voila.

But really, I bet it was all set and then something changed and the kibosh was put on it at the last minute.

Weird how deals in this biz tend to fall apart at the last minute because someone up the chain forgets to pass the bad news down the line. Deal was dead weeks ago.

I figured a deal falling apart last minute was more likely given the level of incompetence required to just forget about it for weeks, but that was perhaps optimistic of me.

Do you know this or is it speculation?

Anyway, when somebody (and yes, Epic is not a person, but for the purposes of my annoyance that doesn’t matter) tells me they’re gonna give me something, then at the last moment goes, essentially, “psych!” and on top of that lets me know that hey no big they’re gonna let me pay for it instead in a little bit, I’m gonna be annoyed, and it’s going to make me trust them less. Especially when I advertised that free thing to friends of mine and we were looking forward to giving it a go. Exiles has had enough bad “press” that I wasn’t really willing to punt even $12 for it when it was in a Humble bundle last year (I think?), and more importantly neither were my friends, which automatically made it a non-starter for me (and Funcom doesn’t really have a great track record), but if it turned out to be actually an ok experience we might have bought some DLC, who knows. Now? They get nothing, I guess.


Everything said here is 100% speculation; I’m saddened by those who speak as if they know what happened when they do not. Having said that, the disappointment is completely understandable, I’m sorry for those who were looking forward to getting it for free.

It is pretty crazy that “we’re only giving you one free game, plus all the ones you’ve gotten already” is being interpreted as bad news. Human psychology is weird. And I think it shows that ultimately these free games are doing real damage to the industry.

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I don’t think anyone has implied they know what happened, exactly. Even Derek’s post was about timing, not the cause or the circumstances. I framed my comment humorously precisely because it’s clear we’re just speculating. Also, I don’t think anyone is accusing Epic of bad faith, either. Things happen. But it is entirely appropriate to comment on how the news was delivered, from a customer perspective.

Perhaps. But the hard truth is, in a consumer-driven business, if you set up expectations, you have to live up to them, even if in you are not actually obligated to deliver. I agree totally that we are getting free stuff and personally I’m not at all bent out of shape about not getting yet another freebie. Looking at it dispassionately, though, as a matter of process, no, it’s not a good look for them to have it play out this way, regardless of why or who is at fault (if anyone).

I don’t care at all about Hue, though. I’m not even gonna claim it. So it doesn’t matter to me in the slightest. For me it was one free game, now none.

People are allowed to be disappointed. You are being way too dramatic about this.

They promised something - Then they failed to deliver on that. Its that simple. Its not the end of the world, but some people here were excited about the game, and are allowed to feel let down.

I agree the reaction here is fairly minor. I think you’ll find it amplified in other places on the Internet. I’m not really judging – just observing. It’s an interesting part of human nature.

Its the internet - All things are amplified somewhere if you look for it. That doesn’t really mean anything about neither “The industry” nor “The human psyche”.

We promised something then reneged at the last second and people are mad! Humans are so weird, smdh.

I’m really mad I didn’t get this free game I probably wouldn’t have played much (if at all) in the next two weeks!!

Yeah, the angst at: “I’m not getting a free game I wouldn’t spend money on” doesn’t resonate for me. Deal fell through. Didn’t cost me anything. Too bad. I’ve gotten so much free stuff from Epic already.

And it’s not like EGS games are my only source of entertainment or I don’t have slightly bigger things to worry about right now.

Pity. I’d have loved to try it with you all. Another time.

You’re framing it in a particular way.

This is another way of framing it.

I totally get the instinct to see it as the former – I feel it too. And humans are odd.