Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

I already had Exiles on Steam (love it in bursts, then put it away for a bit only to come back a month later). I’m more intrigued/concerned/baffled by the wording of Epic’s statement. If it’s true it’s stupid and crappy PR. If it’s not (which I assume) its stupid a crappy PR. I just can’t think of a reason to say, ‘Whelp, we just decided to pull this free game we’ve been advertising for weeks and sell it to you later’ rather than some sort of softer PR-speak. Even if PR-speak is saying the same thing it couldn’t have come across more No Shits Given that what Epic did go with.

Yes yes, can’t gripe about not getting a free game, but unlike a lot of the giveaways I was actually looking forward to this one (as in, it was going to be installed… today… not 6months to infinity from now).

Maybe they should simply go back to “mystery box” mode so there are no expectations.

It is bad news, because a bunch of people were looking forward to trying this game specifically (for free).

Well, they always got ARK I suppose. ;)

I grabbed it but can’t convince anybody I know to even fire it up. Plus I just find its setting inherently less appealing.

Also no dongs.

Ark has an active following here, check the thread if you’re still interested. The giveaway didn’t seem to generate the same uptick of new player interest that Conan did though.

Maybe a little empathy for those who were looking forward to the game wouldn’t be amiss - I may be misreading some of you guys, but you seem awfully suave about a game you had no interest in, and thus others should just calm the fuck down - world hunger you know?!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Epic pulled the plug because Funcom wasn’t able to smooth out the problems with “Funcom Live Services” in time. It’s only been 2 and a half weeks since they de-coupled player accounts from Steam accounts, and the server browser still hasn’t recovered. Even with the latest hotfix, I’ve been occasionally crashing when trying to connect to a server. It’s a shame because the game is normally rock solid (outside of modded servers). I just don’t think Funcom gave themselves enough time to roll out the new account system before this deadline.

That seems likely.

If anyone really had their hearts set on playing Conan Exiles, I’ll just point out that it’s still on sale over at Steam:

Epically bush league, both the last minute pulling of the game and the bizarre tweet.

I said in my post: “Pity. I would have loved to try it with you all”.

I was looking forward to it… I just can’t get mad at Epic because something fell through and they couldn’t give me free stuff. I could still spend money on it. The accounts by players sound really neat. I’m just on a tight budget this month.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been staying away from the Steam sale to avoid being tempted by too much stuff.

I don’t think anyone is mad, just mildly disappointed.


I also think there are people who already play the game, who were maybe looking forward to an influx of newbies to advise, and to be able to share their enthusiasm! :)

Probably an accurate assessment of me ;-)

I don’t think anyone is mad, just mildly disappointed.

That’s what I say to my kids!

This week and the next weeks free games:

*free games not guaranteed!

I was sort of interested and just logged in to download it for free. Oh, well… mildly disappointed, but I have plenty of other games to play. Recent steam reviews talk about serious server problems, so maybe that’s why it was canned.

Maybe they should say that then instead of “hey we decided it won’t be free guess what though we’ll sell it to you later”.