Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Is the checkbox the same regardless of region?


There is a significant legal difference between opt-in and opt-out for marketing mails. The latter by default requires no action on your part to receive such mails. This may include pre-checking the consent box.


Yeah, legality aside, that’s a really shitty way to go about getting the customer’s consent.

The obtuse wording and making it opt-out are bad enough, but what really irks me is that they don’t spell out what your are consenting to. Even if we keep the strange negative, “… to not receive emails from them…” isn’t the same as “if you don’t agree to let us provide them with your email address”.


I just thought of another factor that would make me favour Steam over the Epic store: bundles and collections that substract the price of any item that I already own. It doesn’t always work - it seems to depend on whether the publisher allows it - but for a game that is likely to have a lot of DLC or for a developer that has a collection of all their titles, I would likely stick with Steam.


I’ve seen this too. It gives me a discount on 2 things when I already own the other 5. I wasn’t sure who makes that decision either. The other thing Steam does well now, after years and years of asking, is gifting is pretty darn easy too although you can’t split out bundles really.

I miss the multi copy option though. Being able to buy 4 for the price of 3 was a real loss as it was the easiest way for me to get my group in the game… I just bought it for everyone!


It’s somewhat hit or miss, even for the same item. A weird one was Endless Legend, where the collection offered on the main page for it didn’t credit me the base game or the one DLC I already owned, but going to an individual expansion page showed a DLC collection that didn’t include the base game and substracted the price of what I already had.


No, I was upset when Microsoft took Halo away from the Mac? 😁

(I am very far behind in this thread)


Wow we went 3 days without a post, its like everyone forgot about the Epic Game Store.


What’s the Epic Game Store?


750 posts in a couple of weeks, I think people pretty much said their piece.


But internet discussions are supposed to be circular, not linear! Someone just needs to throw the next grenade to start us back at the beginning of the argument.


OK, here goes: I now have a whole bunch of Twitch Prime games for free that I would have bought at some point: Soma, Steamworld Dig 2, STRAFE, Superhot, Shadow Tactics, Pillars of Eternity, Headlander, Observer, and Tyranny. In the battle of Epic vs Amazon, Amazon can give 10 times the freebies Epic can.


Epic store has only been out a month, and they promise a free game every 2 weeks. Twitch typically beats that with 3-4 per month, but only 1 or 2 of those are any good.

One thing is for sure, at any rate-- the battle of the game stores is great for consumers.


How much is it devaluing games though? Why would I buy anything knowing that there’s a good chance it’ll be offered for free on some store? It’s like the start of the bundle era times 100!


Amazon is charging you a subscription. Epic’s are truly free.


Exactly! Yay, gamers win! Thanks Epic and Twitch and Humble… Free is my favorite price.


Epic’s 2nd game is Super Meat Boy, so it doesn’t look like they’re going to pony up the cash for the fancy latest game all the time either.


Wow. Now I’m waiting for complaints that free isn’t enough. “How dare they not pay us!”


I was just responding to this:


I used to say something similar all the time, “Free is the best spice” was my line.

A couple months ago I met up with this married chick in an open relationship from a dating app. We hit it off, and the best part was that we when went out to a fancy dinner, I ordered scallops, and she paid with her husband’s credit card. So I amended it to “Cuckoldry is the best spice, free is good too though”. It’s a bit less catchy but the story makes up for it, I think.