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That’s odd. When I search it shows me a snippet of relevant posts and takes me directly there when I click on the post:

I think it’s where the links take you that he has an issue with. It tends to just dump you in the middle of the thread.

For example, I search “Hearts of Iron” and click on the HOI4 thread. It takes me to post 1,063 out of 2,203 for some reason. Not the start of the thread, nor the last post I had read. Just seems like a random spot.

That top result is post 16 in the thread. Why is that post the #1 search result for that term? There are posts before and after it in the thread that mention the game by name. That’s what I mean by “random post” from the search. It’s so weird and dumb. When I search for things I generally want a thread on the topic, not a grab bag of posts from a bunch of threads. This is why other forum softwares have separate “title” and “post” search functions, but I guess that’s too Old Fashioned for Discourse. I appreciate being able to easily search inside a particular thread, though. On the other hand they have to do that because they do the awful infinity scroll thing instead of pages, so it’s kind of a wash.

If you click “options” you can return only thread titles and add a bunch of other filters if you want. (You can also just add in:title to your search request.) I guess for me 90% of the time I just really do want a grab-bag of posts. I’m normally searching for something when I can’t remember the thread it was in, or searching for something within a thread and both of those use cases are captured by the search box. It’s hard to make a function like that both flexible and painless. The balance they’ve struck really works for me, though I can see how that’s not true for everyone.

Ok, I guess I’m just a dumbass who never bothered tapping on “advanced search”. I didn’t know about the “in:title” syntax, either! Although it seems this still doesn’t take me to the last place in the thread I was at, which clicking on the thread title does.

I still hate infinite scrolling, though, you can’t take that away from me.

Frostpunk seems cool, by the way (no pun intended).

Frostpunk is pretty interesting. I played it on GamePass.

The worldbuilding is well done, and there’s a good balance and pace in the gameplay. It is certainly challenging, but once you pick up the mechanics, it’s a lot of fun.

So I picked up Far Cry New Dawn deluxe for 5 bucks after discount, and was surprised to find it already in my list of owned games on Uplay/Ubisoft Connect. That happens automatically now, I guess?

Are you sure you haven’t already bought the game during a previous sale haha?

That is my fear, but I have no memory of having done that. OTOH there doesn’t seem to be any particular way of redeeming the EGS purchase on Uplay from the EGS, and I know that it’s not gonna let me play the game I just bought without involving Uplay somehow.

I’m legitimately curious what makes Steam forum an inferior choice to virtually any other forum software out there. Search is relatively accurate and reliable (more so than Discourse we use here, in my own opinion), you can subscribe to topics of interests, you’re automatically subscribed to the topics you create, you get notified when someone replies - as an end user asking game related questions on the forum, what else is it that you’re looking for that other forum software would provide that Steam does not?

As for webpages? When have those ever been useful? Most of the actually useful info on games is stored on various wikis, and even those have fallen off a cliff lately (Fextralife has been terrible for everything except Dark Souls).

It does. I bought the Far Cry 5 / New Dawn bundle for $10, and they both appeared in Ubisoft Connect immediately.

Agreed, and to add to this, by having a Steam account you also have access to every forum. I’m extremely grateful to leave behind the days of creating an account on every forum of every game I might want to ask a quick question about.

Honestly, you have answered your own question right there (partly) and @Bateau.

Having random people show up, asking ‘is this any good’ is part of what annoys me about Steam forums. I am sure it also makes Steam harder to moderate as well.

In addition, the search functionality completely sucks. Search is so much better on Qt3, then on Steam (as has been stated and shown). No matter what @Bateau claims about searching, it’s 100% better on discourse then on steam. I can’t even find simple discussion about a mod, even if I post the title of the mod which is in the name, without needing to sort through other threads.

There is the inability to upload files or images to steam forums, or link YouTube videos to automatically show (you have to leave the webpage and can’t play it inside).

In addition, multiple quoting is not possible, unlike here as well. I love that you can highlight and quote to reply to things.

Those are just the things off the top of my head.

I think there might not be a polling feature on Steam, and the hyperlink system is different.

Oh, and I don’t think it will do proper bullet points.

But a big part is just uploading images and the like.

As for the Webpage, for Dominions, I liked it for versioning, manuals being available, and having connections to the other games made by the developer. Being able to do that outside of steam or the steam app is a net plus. Especially since there are people in the world still trying to avoid using steam (I am not one of them, more then a few times, on the Dominions discord, there are people asking for non Steam versions of the game).

So in conclusion

  1. A lack of key features, like bullet points.
  2. Polls
  3. Images
  4. Multiple quotes with ease
  1. Random people dropping in
  2. Youtube running
  1. Search

Oh and the ability to throw in a poll

What are polls
  • Yes
  • No

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I think in Steam you can reply and you can post links, but outside of that, nothing. I’m almost sure you can’t @ people, like @Bateau

I am not spending time on the Steam forums, it’s a place to find out about bugs or what the devs are doing, so I don’t care about any of that stuff. They work fine what is needed from them. Yes the content level is often low, but usually if there is a bug, there is a post. Plus a lot of devs are active there. Even when game publishers have their own forums, the content is always bad, Steam is no better or worse. (Have you been to Paradox’s forum for example?)

On your mod search, did you try quotations around the title? Does that not work on Steam?

Fair enough but I’d say two things. First you don’t address my point that without Steam forums I’d have to create an account on every forum I want to ask questions on. The result will be I just won’t, and my question will go unanswered. This is a huge point for me. Secondly, that kind of thread is absolutely not unique to Steam forums, not by a long shot.

Anyway, I can’t say your other points aren’t valid, of course they are. Steam forums aren’t perfect, no forum software is really. For me though, they are a very good balance of features vs serving virtually my entire gaming library. If I really have to have the rich features some forums have, well, that’s why I always maintain one account on a general forum - which obviously is QT3 at the moment.

What features does Steam even have? It’s as bare-bones as you can get.

As for questions, if the question is very important, then you would create an account, and maybe even be part of the community, instead of just drive-by posting.

Honestly, for Dominions, Shrapnel seemed to have a far better forum system than Steam, although it didn’t have anything else going for it.

It looks like the search will only search each of the individual subforums you are in, instead of searching the whole forum for the game on Steam.

So, the quoting still came back with individual posts, but now at least one of those posts is in the Mod thread I was looking for.

It doesn’t look like I can search by author or time period though.

Well, they are better than Epic’s.

Are the steam forums mobile-friendly? That’s what I really love most about Discourse, the mobile experience is top-notch.

I don’t really find Steam to be that mobile friendly.

Speaking of which, I have this odd problem. Say I post something on mobile, and I want to put it in block quote, or add a hyperlink to it. The minute I do that, Android asks if I want to copy/cut/whatever to it, completely blocking out the thread options. Is there any good away around that?

So far, the best I can do is just stab that block quote button in between the split second it takes the copy/cut/whatever function to come up.