Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


My top real concern as a consumer is security to be honest.

Lo and behold, amongst the six biggest videogame disappointments of 2018 according to kotaku

Fortnite accounts keep getting hacked.

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world at this point, which makes it all the more unfortunate how poor a job Epic has done securing players’ accounts. They get hacked all the time, and some players have had their credit card information compromised as a result. There’s actually a thriving economy based off of hacking and then selling accounts, and one hacker told Kotaku that Epic’s account security is “top kek.”

What has Epic done about this? Not too much, it appears. If your kid is using your credit card to buy a Season Pass for Fortnite , keep an eye out for any weird transactions.

I have the Epic client installed because of the Unreal Engine being used by stuff I work with, and for the past month or so, I am getting invitations by people with nicks like “Samuel-XDD7” to be friends.

Similar issues used to plague Steam too - with uncannily named profiles wanting to be “friends” and “trade” stuff with me.

“Top kek” security isn’t precisely something that sells me the idea of doing business on the Epic store.


So if a new automobile manufacturer comes out tomorrow, you will give them a pass if the car doesn’t include powers steering, air conditioning, and radio? After all, GM, Ford, Toyota, etc have years of experience on them :)


It really is amazing how many people seem so offended about the Epic Game store. You may not agree with the decisions that they made (like no forums and other features) but then just don’t buy games from them. Either they will learn the lessen of their ways and the store and (timed) exclusive games will be a flop, or you will see that you are in the minority (or don’t have all the information that the devs do) and the store and exclusives will flop.

Some of you are acting like this is going to kill PC gaming or something if it’s successful based on how adament you are on arguing against it.


I feel like most of what you just described is going on entirely in your head. Offended? Kill PC gaming? It can’t just be complaints about lack of store features and exclusives?


Welcome to the Internet, there’s all kinds. And all kinds of fear and/or misunderstandings.
In general, though, we just don’t want it to get worse for users.


Arguing the pros and cons is not being offended. But apparently you are offended by this thread. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander :)


Do you usually make up conspiracy theories in your head and then post them here?

No one has said anything of the sort about being offended, or the Epic store killing PC gaming. In fact, no one is arguing against the Epic store at all. People are arguing about the wisdom of being an exclusive in the store. People are discussing the lack of features the store has to offer. People are arguing about how difficult it will be to gain traction against Steam. People are arguing about the inconvenience of yet another client.

We are talking about how difficult it is to swim in choppy waves and you seem to think we are arguing against the water.


It’s more like people talking about how difficult it is to swim in waves they see as choppy despite not having any real insight into the weather conditions on the ground, and then vigorously defending it against people who have more experience wading in the water in the current climates.

And uh, lots of people here are arguing against the epic store. Like about how it’s going to fail and doing everyone a disservice by not including per game forums, how it’s missing a ton of “crucial” features, etc… To say there’s no negativity about the store in this thread and no extreme arguing about how bad it is in this thread is being pretty naive about the flow of this thread. The amount of people rehashing the same arguments over and over again so they get the last word in pretty much speaks for itself.


Appeal to authority.

Strawman. No one said anything about there being no negativity.

Feel free not to participate if the debate bores you. But if you want to join at least argue honestly.


A swing and a miss.


All you have to do is look at the store, it’s not weather prediction. Because all this

is about how it would affect us and the segments of gaming we like with what’s currently on offer or promised by Epic. No one is saying it can’t or won’t be a different proposition, because that would be predicting the weather.
You’re also missing the fact that those

are getting money upfront and aren’t committing to permanent exclusivity - and even that is for a single computing platform only.


Being “negative” and pointing out the issues with the new storefront, and doubting it’s value is the not same as being “offended”.



Probably should find a game that isn’t just selling a Steam key on the other stores if you want to make that comparison.


Probably should find a game that released in the same time frame as well. MHW released almost a year ago so of course it’s on discount. Most bigger PC games I can find on steam that released in December (like from https://www.pcinvasion.com/pc-game-release-dates-2018-2019/12/) have 0% discount on steam, GMG, and others.

The only bigger game I can find with a discount that released in December 2018 was Just Cause 4, but it’s getting such poor reviews that of course it’s discounted.


…but that is the whole point - since Valve lets devs generate steam keys for free and sell them everywhere and does not mandate or pay for any exclusivity to its store, customers can benefit from actual competition…

Man I really thought the point of that picture was obvious but guess not.


Your image is misleading because the supplier (Steam) and the cut (30/70) remains the same.


He posted that from a customer POV.


As a customer I only care about one thing in regard to a new game store: how does this benefit me? I couldn’t care less about the benefits to the developers/publishers.


No. Like paul_cze wrote (and you quoted!), Steam’s cut for a key the dev generates and sells through other channels is 0%.