Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

A vote for Playnite - but for knowing what I own - I’ll install/launch from there only if I’ve been browsing in there for a game. I’ve used the desktop on the rare occasion my screen is empty since the things love automatically installing icons there but 99% of the time my screens are full of windows and apparently I’d rather open the store launcher (Epic/Steam/Amazon) to keep my windows in place.

Epic refunds are also easy. The controller thing I can’t help you with, alas.

All Bioshock games package free now. If you haven’t played them, you should.

This week once again with a freebie from Bethesda.


Great game (especially for free) but damn checkpoint saves forever, and curses yea unto the seventh generation on the people who came up with them.*

*I write this because I played the whole game on normal but had to drop the difficulty to easy for the last boss fight, because the [expletive deleted] checkpoint save system meant that I went into that fight without enough goodies to survive it. Feels bad man and all that.

I wish I had the design chops to change the logo to read ‘NGMI’ instead.

Oh for fuck’s sake

Looks just like an “NFT Game” to me!

“…and this is what you’re getting.”

How is an NFT game different from any other game?

To be fair, I’m sure the “partnership” they’re touting is Epic will allow them on the store. It’s not like Epic is actually contributing any dev help.

Who wants this crap except greedy executives?

OK I take it back: If NFTs are used to track player ownership of games so they belong to you on every single store, I’m in. That’s what you’re going to use them for, right game companies?.. right?

shakes fist at clouds

Hunt Showdown is crying in the corner because it’s a good fucking game, but NFT’s are all that matters. FFS.

The only thing that clip did was make me miss Outlaws.

Sweeney said months ago that NFT games were welcome on the EGS so this isn’t really surprising. He also said last month that they are allies with Meta in creating the metaverse, didn’t he? Apple bad, Facebook good.


This looks like a worse PUBG?