Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Wait a minute. Plot twist!

not a word about NFT anywhere, huh?

Apparently they have had it listed on Steam as Coming Soon for awhile now, and not a NFT based game. I imagine now it will get removed from Steam.

Also, those who attended the Gala event got a rare, exclusive, NFT of a horse. Which appears to be an asset flip purchased from the Unreal Engine marketplace. Price on market is 30 bucks, price on NFT marketplace is anywhere from 400-1700.

They are self publishing as well? It’s not like they were pressured into adding NFTs then, they bought into it themselves.

It will be removed in partnership with Valve.


Hmm… on the one hand, I think this may be smart. On the other, I hate these things on apps.

I just got 3 copies of an email about “Parental Permission for an Epic Games Account”:

Dear Parent,

Your child (aged 13) has an Epic Games account, which is used to play Fortnite, Rocket League or Fall Guys, or to use other services available from Epic Games companies. We have become aware of your child’s age, and we have temporarily restricted access. Because of their age, we need your permission before we can restore the account and allow it access to our games and services. Your child has provided us with your email address to ask for your permission.

Click on the link below to provide your permission and restore your child’s account:

CONTINUE (link removed)

This link will be active for 30 days from the date of your child’s initial request on 06-24-2022. If you do not give permission by 07-24-2022, the link will expire and Epic Games will delete your email address and remove all personal information from your child’s account.

If you do not want to receive any further requests for parental permission from us, click here.

Thank you,
The Epic Games Team

It seems legit, it’s from [email protected] and the links were back to epicgames.com, but I don’t have any children (or anyone else) using my Epic account.

Is this just something harmless I can ignore, like when a stranger requests a password reset to my instagram account and I just ignore the emails because I’m not the one requesting that? Did some parent set up an account for their kid and use my email as a contact email even though they don’t actually have an Epic account with that email address (because obviously I have the account with that email)?

Edit: Reading comprehension failure on my part, I skimmed right over where it says “Your child has provided us with your email address to ask for your permission.” So maybe that explains it. Seems weird overall though. Like a kid can just put any email address in there? How would Epic know if they were reaching the parent? They obviously didn’t get the right person in this case.

I would ignore it.

Speaking of weird emails sent to the wrong people, I remember getting one from some “Tractor Supply Company” in Idaho telling “me” that some gear oil or something was in and that they could come pick it up, or maybe it was a receipt for their purchase of the thing.

Thereafter of course I kept getting marketing emails from said company.

I still regularly get email to one of the dozens of email accounts I created to sign up for the Warhammer Online beta like 15 years ago. Whoever that person is, he recently flew from Tampa to Montreal.

I used to get text messages on my cell phone, like, every day, sometimes more than once a day, from some automated well-monitoring system in a town down the road. Messages notifying me of low water levels and what not. I finally tracked down the company and called them, and got them to change their contact info. I just hope whomever was really worried about that well got the messages eventually.

You’re quite a well wisher.

Epic game store newb here.

I asked a bit of this in the Mechwarrior 5 topic. I primarily use Steam, but I have a base game copy of MW5 on Epic from my MWO days. I’m considering loading mods and getting the dlc to then play co-op maybe even with VR. Should I add to my Epic purchase or start on Steam? Is either store better in this case? I’ve like workshop on Steam in other games.

Also is there a wishlist on Epic or a good/safe place to buy cd keys for it? I’m basically between buying it all on Steam in summer sale versus looking at just dlc but full price on Epic.

EGS free games this week and next week:

Killing Floor 2 will be the first free game I won’t pick up. It’s been so long, I can’t even remember the reason I hated the first game so much. Whatever the reason, the hate is still strong in this one.

Having had to re-install windows after my SSD drive died, I am aghast at the deficienies in the epic game store app.

You can’t locate already installed games? I have a 2 tb games drive that I had games installed on. There is no way for it to locate already installed games. This is a cinch on steam, even the origin app allows this.

The xbox app also sucks in this regard. Excited to re-download the 120 gb that is MS flight sim again… for no reason other than “copy protection”


I’ve moved and redone games easily with Epic. It does take an extra step over Steam but isn’t terrible. Make sure the files aren’t where you want them, start the download, cancel download at 3% or more, then move all files to the directory it created and it won’t redownload, only verify. On an SSD with the files already on it the process was almost instant for me.

I attempted that, it didn’t seem to work, and I gave up.

The fact that they don’t have a feature to locate game installs is just bad. Their workaround is not great and fiddly.

This week’s free game sounds pretty neat. I’ve never played a winemaking game before, or even heard of one before.