Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

“the decision to publish Metro Exodus as a timed Epic Store exclusive was made entirely on Koch Media’s side as Metro is their intellectual property. They are a sister company of THQ Nordic Vienna, which is the reason why we can and will not comment on this matter.”

“We do not want to categorically exclude the possibility of timed exclusives for any of our games in the future,” THQ Nordic added, “but speaking in the here and now, we definitely want to have the players choose the platform of their liking and make our portfolio available to as many outlets as possible.”

Says THQ Nordic, commenting on the matter.


I probably also have a limit on the number of platforms I’m willing to simultaneously support on my PC. Three is probably a good number. That said, it’s not based on some kind of first-come-first-serve rule for me. The lesser used ones are just going to drop by the wayside.

Given that I have a significant investment in Steam, it’ll be a long time before that falls out of the #1 position. For similar reasons with The Division and Far Cry franchises, Uplay is probably safe for the foreseeable future.

If Epic keeps up with giving me freebies to buy goodwill and gets exclusives on things I’m actually interested in (Satisfactory or god forbid, Paradox games), then, well… Battle.net, things probably aren’t going to go your way, buddy.

It’s not that I have some sort of hard and fast rule on three platforms, but I just don’t see myself having the mental shelf space (or some equivalent) of actively maintaining/shopping on more than a few platforms. I’ve already seen this happen with Origin and other smaller launchers. I don’t remember the last time I fired up Origin and as a result, I simply don’t consider their exclusive games for the functional reason of, “Oh, TitanFall is Origin on PC? I don’t have that console.”

I wonder why people refer to all this shit as ‘platforms’. They are not platforms. It’s all one platform: PC. Nor you have to support them simultaneously, you aren’t marrying any of them, you are allowed to have some months playing only Steam games, and then the next two months playing a new game that was released on the Blizzard app. It doesn’t count as ‘cheating’ Steam.

It’s software. Software installed in a computer. Like the calculator, and Word, and Outlook, and 7-zip. I have more than 50 applications installed in my computer, having 3 or 4 more won’t make a difference.

There is no good reason to limit yourself to three, instead of say, five of them. Look at it with logic:
-Every application remembers your account/password, so having several accounts for several software isn’t a bother where you have to remind which password and account was for each app.
-They all install and uninstall any game in a pair of clicks, updates are automated.
-You don’t have to start all the stores with Windows, and have six stores minimized on the taskbar.
-They all boot up in a few seconds, and they all consume an acceptable amount of memory footprint, none of them is bloated (in reality having all of them opened if you really wanted would be feasible)

In general I’m reading on Internet very sentimental responses to the Epic vs steam debacle, from both sides. It reminds me of people attitude to politics, where it seems most people vote by feeling and which side is ‘their side’, and not by reason, or even sport fans. People really love taking sides.

I got pwned.

I believe I answered this question up thread at least for my own experience. Like many here I have hundreds of games. It is a matter of out of sight is out of mind. When I browse my game files to see what I want to play the steam client is the first one I look at. Other clients including twitch origin, u play impulse, battle net and others I do not often browse. Yet another client is yet one more spot to try to go find a game.

For instance I purchased Andromeda over the holiday sale for a very low price. Unlike the other games I purchased at that time I have fired up it only once because I keep forgetting I own it. It took me a year to finally play Witcher 3 and the expansions because I kind of forgot they were there. So as I mentioned up thread I am more hesitant to buy a game on a non steam platform because I know from experience that I am less likely to play it.

This is not a knock against Epic but is simply a reason why I am hesitatant to use their store. If this were the old days where I had 15 games installed on my computer all under a Windows directory then I would probably not hesitate at all.

Moreover some of us have had bad experiences with other stores in the past. We lost games from impulse or direct2drive and are a bit leery about buying from yet another store or client. I doubt the games will disappear from a store like epics but you never know.

You can launch your game from within Steam. You can even launch games from within the Geforce Experience if you like, or from an icon on your desktop, or the start menu…

@TurinTur is right about everything he’s said. It’s just software. You’re not buying the Epic store. You’re putting the bits in a different folder.

I return to what I have said before. This is the way so-called core gamers want to revolt against a kid and casual threat, as they always seem to want to do. In the end this is all about the success of Fortnite and finding a way to be pissed at Epic for striking it rich.

How is the modding scene on the Epic Store? Version roll backs? Controller support and customization? Streaming to TV?

A majority of my gaming relies heavily on at least one these features, and often all of them, so until Epic has them all it isn’t really worth considering for me.

Yes, that’s just the way discussions work. Just repeat the same lie over and over with no justification, ignoring any counterarguments. Eventually people will stop replying, and then you’ve won.

Do you rely on Steam Workshop for all of your modding?

Wouldn’t blame anyone who does honestly, despite being someone who is familiar with how things used to be done. Steam workshop is usually convenient and straight forwards for mods.

What game would you like to discuss, Brian?

https://playnite.link/ has solved this for me. I never look at my game library on steam anymore, but instead just use Playnite to look across all of them (well except Epic since they aren’t supported yet).

Literally every time I fire up Origin it asks me for this info again - admittedly I don’t use it often. The last time I tried to log in to uPlay they were having issues with the 2FA server, and I wasn’t able to see this until I’d burned 3 of my 6 emergency backup codes (my old phone bootlooped, and I needed to remove it).

Along those lines, I still don’t trust Epic’s security after getting inundated with emails about some random Russian IPs constantly trying to access my account. Support at the time had no good solution for me.

Certainly someone who goes so far as calling out that he uses Unreal Engine for his games in his Twitter bio has no incentive to hope Epic’s store does well.

I’m in the same boat that a few others have mentioned - if your game isn’t on Steam I’m likely to forget it exists. Sorry Forza, sorry Burnout, sorry Heroes of the Storm. We had some good times and we could’ve had more if I ever thought about you.

Sure Dave, that is it. Now go back to masturbating to Pokemon or whatever it is that you do.

I will concede, you are right, Origin asks it from time to time. I’m not sure if it’s once a month or what. In reality it’s a good measure for security, but one that is done at the expense of convenience, yeah.

Again, I have made zero personal attacks here except a general fuck off to the people who made them toward me. How is this allowed on this board, @tomchick?

Did you really just tattle on Granath because he made a crude comment towards you on a message board? Daaaaaad!