Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Another game that was happy to use Steam’s framework to advertise and even beta test but is running to Epic’s sacks of cash for release. I’m not sure what to call that beyond “really fucking shitty”.

I think this pisses me off more because they’re taking advantage of the features of Steam, then happily getting moneyhatted and running off to another store - while still keeping their Steam presence for any support issues since Epic doesn’t have community features.

Yeah, I’m always happy to see new entries in that genre. This looks pretty neat, the inspiration from central European folklore should feel fresh, and Zen is a solid developer. Probably worth its own thread rather than being buried in all the platform squabbles.

Show me where that news are posted on epic fail store. I’ll wait.

I love how Epic customers are flooding Steam discussion threads with technical support questions.

Wait, there is now an Epic and and Epic Fail store? How do they compete? Is one run by @Paul_cze?

You know, Lunar has been a member of QT3 for a while now, right?


Oh that wasn’t directed at Lunar, I meant Epic customers are flooding the actual discussion threads on the Steam servers for help. Sorry if my comment wasn’t very articulate. Apologies to @Lunarstorm for my clumsy wording.

The bottom of the each game (product details page) on the Epic store has several links to get information. Website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

I imagine with time, features and information will expand, but it’s not the lack of news or such that gave me pause, it’s the assumptions you make, because you don’t have a clue.

The literal Steam forums - since Epic store doesn’t have forums people are posting their issues with Epic exclusive games on the Steam discussion boards.

The lack of features was deliberate and part of their initial store announcement.

I think this sucks too, but it would be nice if Steam players wouldn’t be so hostile to them. They’re just trying to get help although problems with the launcher… Steam players can’t help much with.

I can’t see any updates from them on Steam after the Epic Store announcement: https://steamcommunity.com/games/412020/announcements/

What are you referring to?

Another U turn from THQ (Nordic? Vienna? Who knows?) :)

THQ Nordic AB co-founder and group CEO Lars Wingefors laid out his position on the matter, saying, "I fully support our sub-groups’ autonomy to run their respective businesses. I believe it’s in the group’s, and ultimately the consumers’, best interest that business decisions are made close to the market and this is the group’s consistent business model.

"I firmly believe that Deep Silver and Koch Media have carefully considered the advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and risks in their decision to go solely with Epic Games Store. The decision has my full support.

“I have noted that there is some confusion about the two different THQ Nordic entities, the parent company and the operating entity in Vienna. As already communicated to shareholders last year, the parent company will change its name to better reflect its status.”

I am referring to the one they just now took down because apparently even they realized, after people pointed it out to them, that they are being fucking stupid.

There is just one epic fail store, run by Sweeney and Galyonkin, the steamspyguy that Mr. Rod Humble hated but loves his store apparently

Except I am describing situation as it is, and it is accurate, and as LockerK pointed out, they designed it that way on purpose. Of course it will probably change. Funny how that works.

They should change their name to Squiggle like Prince :)

THQ Squiggle

It’s been quite a while, and the reason for that is that everything just works, and has for years. :)


excellent. The artist formerly known as THQ Nordic/Vienna/Koch :)

@Paul_cze You are right I hold a mild grudge with the Steamspy guy. Really not a fan of his anti developer actions over the years. I definitely have a bias against Epic because of his involvement. I do find it amusing/irksome that his first priority with Epic has been to make damn sure nothing like Steamspy can ever steal their sales data. This seems to annoy me more than it does any Steam supporters though, so maybe its just me. Valve was foolish to let him scrape their data now he has used it to help a competitor.

Heh :)

They are indeed a competing store. That’s why I buy so much from GMG - because they are competing with Steam’s storefront and offering me a better price.

I’m really surprised few people have mentioned the long-term stability of stores as a factor. I guess many people on this forum just buy games on a whim, but I tend to be a patient gamer and buy them for the long term.

Just as an example, EA is apparently on a serious down-slope. Will it survive long-term? No idea. Will Origin be kept around? We’re talking about publishers - the same folks who won’t bat an eyelid before canceling games that have been in development for years. The same applies to Uplay. Is Epic going to keep its store around? Who knows. One way to convince me that it’s a viable long-term platform is by investing in customer-oriented infrastructure. They’ve stated that they’re planning on doing this, but so far none of it is there – only the anti-customer tactics have been shown off, such as keeping games away from the most viable PC platform long-term.