Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


I like when a company I support gets a big pile of money from a distribution channel. If they’re making money from both vendors and customers, then they don’t have to make all of it from people like me. I feel the same way about Kickstarters that get acquired or picked up by Netflix or whatever.


You can have your opinion. Just don’t be surprised when I call it ignorant, because it ignores the many reasons for why people have legitimate gripes.


Fair. I’ve read the thread, and I probably should have said nothing at all.


Would’ve been awesome if Snapshot Games got that giant pile of money from Epic in addition to early backer money and the project still honored its very basic backer promises too.

Actually thinking upon this further, they probably could have still offered early backers GOG or Steam keys then made all future sales Epic exclusive keys and avoided some measure of the backlash. Not perfect but better than what they did today.


I read all 1883 posts in depth just now and they prove beyond any reasonable argument that the Epic store is a source of benevolence and light, and anyone saying otherwise is just bein’ ignorant.


To be fair to Snapshot, their last big game, Chaos Reborn failed big time, though it’s still one of my favorites. It’s hard to say no to a big pile of cash when you’re in such an unstable industry.


Do we know if the Epic version will sell at a bit of a discount, which I think Metro did?


Just to be clear, Epic is guaranteeing minimum sales on their platform for a year, no matter how badly the game does. The amount of cash they’re throwing at Indies is often more than they’ve seen their entire lifetime. I don’t think any of us, if we were living the Indie life, would be able to say no.


By guaranteeing a year’s minimum sales, Epic effectively makes the devs not care what the customers think for that year. It doesn’t matter how much people protest – it’s meaningless, because the companies are no longer dependent on sales for a whole year. I’m sure Epic is telling the devs that by a year later, people will have forgotten about it, which is probably true.


They’re only guaranteeing a minimum number. That number is unlikely to actually make the dev and studio happy, if not substantially exceeded. It’s just to hedge against the Epic store substantially underperforming Steam in a worst case scenario type of deal.


It’s a sufficient minimum number to keep companies satisfied and complacent, and not firing anybody. I’m sure it’s not a low number.


At the same time, given all that money, I think it’s completely fair for backers to expect to get all their money back. Epic is effectively becoming a publisher.


I very much doubt that is true. But we have no way to know.


I know it’s true. I have contacts in this case.


If people don’t like it, then don’t buy the game. If you don’t buy the game and Epic continues to lose a bunch of money on buying these exclusives than they will stop doing it.


Well taking you at your word, that’s a hell of an anti-competitive thing to do, and an expensive one to boot! Ultimately as I’m a consumer and don’t run a game storefront, I still think it’s fine.


My guess is 2019 will be the only year EPIC goes after dev’s with exclusive offers , if they can’t get a decent number of buyers on the store after 1 year of exclusive games its never going to happen. The Fortnite money train isn’t going to last forever.

I mean what about this huge Fortnite player base, why are they all not buying games left and right. They have so many players that EPIC shouldn’t even need exclusive games.

Fortnite *


I think there’s a big ethical problem in this kind of case though. Epic is effectively becoming a publisher/distributor for these games that it picks up. Kickstarted games don’t say, “we’ll use your money, and then we’ll go get a publisher”, as that’s an abuse of the system. They should be refunding every backer’s funds unless they are told otherwise.


Didn’t Fortnite already make so many billions that even if Apex took all of its userbase tomorrow, they could keep paying for exclusives for years if not decades?


Don’t most kickstarter games usually go get a publisher because kickstarter doesn’t provide nearly enough cash?

I am pretty sure both Battletech and Pathfinder has publishers. I am wrong?