Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


2.4 Billion was a number google told me.

But no doubt management also want money in their pockets. So who knows how much of that is cash the company can toss at timed exclusives.


Look at how Battletech had to justify a publisher to their backers.


It’s Fortnite profits.

We ignore them, because the reason are so petty and disproportionate to the vitriol (and possibly racially motivated, apparently).


Wow. You really went there.


Honest quesions, are video games the only thing that it bothers people when there are exclusives? I mean, Target has exclusive versions of board games and Funko Pop figurines, does that upset people too? I seem to see this exclusive hate mainly in the video game world compared to other places.


No, Paul did.


He did? That is sad.


What if they already bought the game (through fig)?

I like to gripe because I like to whine about things online, and Epic store exclusives bother me, because of the generation or so of console or retail exclusive stuff was exhausting, and mostly gone in the newer consoles, but now Epic is bringing it back. It isn’t nearly as bad as Microsoft’s deals in the 360 era, as it is just an online store, but I can still make a stink about it online if I want.

But, selling one thing on a kickstarter or fig campaign, and delivering another is just a shitty thing to do to your fans who actually pre-paid for the game, they wanted it so much. Even if it is as simple as switching launchers, it wasn’t what they were originally sold. I think they are offering refunds, which is the least they could do.

As for the fig investors? I think this has to be good for them. Fig pays dividends, and I have to imagine the minimum sales guarantee from Epic is going to be part of that.


I’m perfectly fine with kickstarted games getting publishers. Vanishingly few games make enough money on kickstarter to actually finance the entire project. Vast majority of them do it for the publicity, to show gamers are interested in what they’re making, with the entire purpose being to find a publisher.

What does suck is if the kickstarter says the game will be on Steam and they they renege on that promise.


Yes, because the barrier to running a game from the Epic Store is insurmountable! /s


I don’t see how. If I back a project, I expect the company to fulfill its obligations to me (by providing a copy of the game or whatever other rewards), and I get the satisfaction of helping a project get off the ground that otherwise might not. Beyond that, I expect the company to make the best decisions they can for the health of the business, and I recognize that plans change with time and circumstances.

If those changes result in a change in platform (here or for projects that announced a Vita version and then had to cancel it), then giving a choice between a full refund or getting the game on another platform is a totally fair remedy, and there’s no need for hard feeling either way.


I would expect future game kickstarters or fig campaigns would probably not promise steam in the future, but just “digital PC distribution” to be prepare for the Epic Money Minivan to pull up.


Yes and that would be perfectly fine.


I get to complain, I know it isn’t that bad, but I like to complain! Get off my lawn.


This is my problem with this, I kickstarted this with it listing steam. I would not of kickstarted it listing Epic. So to me this was a bait and switch.


I too am cool with that.

People need to earn a living, and as long as it doesn’t mean I have to go out and spend several hundred dollars on a console, I’m fine with it.


My friend is pretty big into Funko Pops and from what I can tell the hate isn’t exclusive to video games.


As I mentioned earlier I get some of the outrage in regards to buying something advertised as being available on steam and then that changing. With that said, I’m not as familiar with fig, but if you are buying into a kickstarter type program then that is part of the risk you take. Heck, that game you bought may never even become an actual game.


Oh yeah, totally, I rarely kickstart anything nowadays, because of how many high profile failures there have been. I am pretty picky about kickstarter. But when they say something on their page, and deliver another that is just lame as heck.


Given all this boatload of money they’re throwing in devs’ direction, wouldn’t it make sense for Epic to just make their store so good that people will want to use it, rather than using anti-competitive practices?