Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Sure, and that’s why they should (and are) have an offer for refunds. I would totally understand outrage if they didn’t.


Platform exclusives and all the other issues discussed for 1900 posts in this thread. I wasn’t looking for a refund, I was looking for the game on steam the way the kickstart was funded.


It’ll still be on Steam, just not for another year… :P

What’s not clear to me is if they’ll provide Steam keys to backers at that time or not.


The ultimate F U to backers would be, no refunds, you can take the Epic Game Store key now, or wait a year and we will send the Steam key.


The way you make the store so good is by offering things Steam doesn’t. The most valuable thing you can offer is games. They’re doing exactly what they should be doing (if they’re Epic, even if it’s bad for consumers)


Absolutely. People used to bitch about the store exclusive tchotchkes in Bluray/DVD packs. Action figure collector’s gripe about store exclusives too.


You mean does it bother me that Kingdomino with a dice tower was only at Target for a limited time… no. I could still buy the game from 100s if not thousands of other places, buy it used and it’s not taking an open platform, closing it, and trying to pretend like that’s not what they’re doing. Epic wants to pretend like they’re competing on any real level… but hey I heard they added a search almost yesterday, really moving forward there.

I think it will be easy to avoid Kickstarter for awhile until Epic stops bribing that group into betraying their backers.


My criticism of chinese government and its behaviour is now racist apparently. Fuck you too.


Looks like the backer rebellion freaked Snapshot out and they’re giving Steam/GOG keys to backers after a year. So backers will be forced to play on Epic for a year, after which they can switch.


I am sure that will make backers forgive instantly. I am surprised Valve and GOG are even willing to provide those keys though.


Oh my God, that sounds horrible. Forced to play on epic? Could things get any worse?

Truly, we are in the darkest timeline.


Yeah that’s ridiculous. We’re talking about one of the worst, most oppressive, and most powerful governments on the planet here. And it’s not like they’re improving either.


No, because Steam has a defacto monopoly and people are clearly enraged at the thought of using anything else irrespective of its quality.

Your dogged insistence on equating Epic with “chinese money” sounds very racist.



Only if you are a crazy person.


Oh, I hadn’t even considered the DRM angle. I guess this means Phoenix Point went from no DRM at launch (GOG) to always online (Epic) for at least a year.


No apparently they’re keeping it DRM free, at least according to what they’re currently saying.


Looks like $40 on the store…


I was going for the GOG key. Your argument regarding Steam loyalty is a mischaracterization.


But Epic is always online.


They added offline mode recently. And search bar after that.