Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Keep your promises had a 90% chance to hit and the shot still missed.


Based on every single thread on the internet about Epic exclusive games, I’m really not.


If EA or Activision had paid for Epic, would we be calling it American Money? Just out of curiosity, since both of those companies are pretty horrible companies and all.


I find this unfairly dismissive. I mean yes, you are technically right, it was a pretty low effort post. But… uh… I would say 1/4 of this forum is composed of fairly low-effort contributions. Not every post is going to win a Pulitzer, sometimes you just say “I don’t like this” or “I like this”. And that’s QT3 which have a fairly high ratio of posts with real content!


It would be far, far better. Chinese money is Chinese government money. American money isn’t.


God, think of how many low effort posts would disappear if we just had a like or dislike function.


That seems like a pretty large blanket statement. One that might be categories by some as pretty racists.


@AntediluvianArk Disliked that.


I wonder which people at Epic thinks that after kidnapping our favorite games and making us buy them there, we’ll have sufficient good will to buy other games on that platform? Perhaps it’s the same people who think kids playing Fortnite will buy hundreds of other games.


The most recent $1.25G investment in Epic was in fact by American venture capital firms (though their limited partners might be from elsewhere). Tencent’s earlier investment was much smaller.


That’s it. Please remove me from you weekly newsletter. I am unsubscribing.


I would suggest that your bringing race into this in the first place is racist.


True, but they do own 40% of the company.


Are you unaware of just how much money from China has been invested in the USA over the last decade? A goodly proportion of American money is Chinese government money…


It’s Hunny Munny


This thread is really going places.


Why? Do you think we live be social fart rules “Who ever acknowledges it, that’s the racists!”

Anyway, there is no hostage situation. It’s a game, sold by a store that is not exclusively tied to any hardware or paid service. The store is open to anyone with an internet connection. It has some backing from a company that is Chinese.

This is a nothing burger, cooked by nothing people.


I wonder that too. Every week Epic loses more of my goodwill. I guess they are hoping it’s just a noisy minority but the issue has been snowballing throughout 2019.


Sorry if this is a low effort post, but I already miss when this thread was about whether people didn’t like the Epic store because Fortnite is for dudebros.


Where there is fire, there is gasoline to throw on it.