Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


(ironically, this is worse than a low-effort post!)

The launcher itself needs Internet, because it’s based on web resources. However, It doesn’t have any DRM solution, at all. You can launch any game by double click on the .exe.


At least we know it’s not Chinese gasoline.


Or is it? Maybe this is how China takes over!


No, but your vision is colored by race despite having seen arguments that have nothing to do with it, whether you like them or not. Chinese people were not even mentioned.


There’s a qualitative difference between a giant Chinese company, which has real impact and decision-making ability, and small Chinese investors. In that sense, the term ‘Chinese money’ is truly overly general and doesn’t express the problematic nature of a Chinese mega-corporation. weibo buying up facebook is alarming in a way that Chinese locals buying up American real estate or bonds is not.


That’s unlikely to be true. That’s how much they bought originally, but that would have been diluted by the later round of investment. It’s probably more like 35%. If Tencent had used their pro rata rights, they would have been listed as taking part in that round.

But more importantly, the complaint was that the exclusives were being bought with Chinese money. Not so. That money would have been spent on the business plan Epic had at that time: the engine business and the game making business. It’s the $1.25G from last year that’s fueling their buying spree. So don’t you worry, it’s good ol’ American and Saudi money that’s taking away your Steam games.


That’s… not how shares work (unless specified otherwise). When the new shares were bought, that’s a net profit that goes to the sellers. Nowhere did it specify that the shares were bought from Tencent – the value of their investment just went up. It wouldn’t even make sense because the money was needed for funding the store, which means Sweeney and Epic sold more of their shares. That’s how we ended up with Sweeney only owning 44% of his company.

I agree that’s not literally true, and if that was the complaint, it’s incorrect. Tencent got to own 40% of Epic at a bargain, and the money source is indeed Fortnite. The concern is that Tencent has 40%, is only 4% away from ownership, and has 2 director seats out of 5. Effectively, it’s just about a Chinese company, even if they’re currently not exerting strong control.


Epic is a privately held company. They are definitely issuing new shares to investors. In a funding round or through a private investment, that is exactly how shares would work. If it were a public company, you would be right in most cases, although even then they may be able to authorize and issue new stock.


Outside of property, ‘small investors’ don’t generally invest outside their country of residence. Especially in China that has laws on money leaving the country and strict capital controls.

I can assure you, it isn’t ‘small investors’ that own over a trillion of federal debt, or were pumping up to $70bn per year into american investments.


Hey, at least Steam’s finally getting Halo!


Wow, thought for sure that would be Windows store exclusive.

Microsoft looking far better than Epic.

Though I already own the digital Xbox edition so I’m guessing I could now download from the Windows store.


I am frankly stunned that it’s coming to Steam and not just the Windows Store. Good stuff, MS.


Very unMS thing to do, kudos. I only played the first Halo and liked it, but I love soundtracks to all the games in the series so I am looking forward to playing them too.


Also Reach is the first one. I’m pretty psyched.


Store page is already up.


Man what a stark contrast today.

Julian announces a reneg on backer funded promises.

Hours later Microsoft puts most of the Halo library on Steam.


Nice to see some consumer friendly business decisions.


ALso Reach is the best one.


That a strong choice of words for what amounts to the smallest change ever that could happen.

What is with the overreaction of all the Epic Haters? I mean, is life so perfect that this small change means everything is ruined?


Why is Halo a Steam and Microsoft store exclusive? I prefer to buy my games from the Epic store! This is really poor on steam and MS to limit my purchasing options.


Steam has only been consumer friendly when forced to kicking and screaming by legal authorities. They have been decidedly consumer unfriendly at every opportunity when they’ve had something financial to gain from it.