Epson ink, paper, and computer part liquidation

I recently had a large order for one of my bigger clients get cancelled at the last minute, which left me with a unsmall quantity of Epson ink cartridges and a few other pieces of computer equipment beyond the restock date with my distributor. Normally, I’d put the stuff up on eBay and recoup my losses, but the hassle of dealing with eBay buyers and paying the now-ridiculous eBay fees means I’m taking even bigger losses than I did in the past.

If I’m going to take losses, I’d rather eBay and Paypal not benefit from them. I’ve cleared it with Tom, and will be offering the stuff for sale here for a couple weeks.

I prefer Paypal for the transactions, I’ve got a non-premium and a premium account, so I can take non-CC and CC transactions. Obviously, I prefer the former. Also, if you’re fine with a slightly longer transaction, I’ll accept checks and money orders.

All shipping is via USPS 2-day unless otherwise requested. Contact me with the list of what you want and your zip code and I’ll get you a total shipped amount.

I typically can ship within 24 hours of receiving payment, which means orders placed by 8am on Monday will typically be shipped same day and be received by Wednesday.

So here’s a list of what I’ve got, and how much it’s going for. You’ll notice that these prices are below wholesale. I lose a little on every sale, but I make it up in volume!

To contact me, simply PM me and let me know which items you want and what the shipping zip code is.

Please note all ink is genuine, 1st party Epson ink. These are not refilled cartridges, these are not 3rd party knockoffs, they’re OEM, vacuum-sealed ink carts just like you’d get in the store.

$12.50 - Epson 69 series Black ink - T069120
$8.50 - Epson 69 series Cyan ink - T069220
$8.50 - Epson 69 series Magenta ink - T069320
$8.50 - Epson 69 series Yellow ink - T069420
Buy all 4 for $32 (6 full sets available)

$12.50 - Epson 78 series Black ink - T078120
$8.50 - Epson 78 series Cyan ink - T078220
$8.50 - Epson 78 series Magenta ink - T078320
$8.50 - Epson 78 series Yellow ink - T078420
$8.50 - Epson 78 series Light Cyan ink - T078520
$8.50 - Epson 78 series Light Magenta ink - T078620
Buy all 6 for $49 (9 full sets available)

$20.00 - Picturemate 100 series PrintPacks (1 6-color ink cartridge, 100 sheets paper) (5 available)

$8.00 - Epson Matte Heavyweight Letter paper 50 count (8 available)
$8.00 - Epson Matte Heavyweight 8x10 paper 50 count (8 available)

$250.00 - HP mv2010 MediaVault 300GB expandable Gigabit NAS NIB (2 available)
$25.00 - Inwin L564 mATX desktop chassis (3 available)

In case anyone else was planning on buying some of this ink, I just wanted to report that I bought one of the six packs of 78 from him and had absolutely no problems. I worry about buying ink through ebay because I know people that have received fake stuff, so for this price I was pleased with what I got.

Thanks for the smooth transaction man!

Would buy again!