EQ Legends server disappearing

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of EverQuest and the EverQuest community and hope you have enjoyed our Legends service. As of February 1, 2006, however, we will be discontinuing the Legends service.

That’s the $39.95 server. I guess the server pop has disappeared. Anyone know how EQ is doing in terms of subscribers and active players?

Was curious about this and went browsing their forums:


  1. Lower population = 9 or 10 in pok, 6 or 7 in bazaar. Xp groups are almost non exsistant, very very very hard to get groups for anything. At peak times we probably just break 100 players total online, including the 7 and 8 box farmers/pleveling services.

100 players total? Heh.

Legends never had many in the first place. I knew a guy who played on it a year ago and it was very low.

The main servers are still doing well after they folded 2 into 1 a while back. That really got things going again.

Legends seems to have been self-sustaining for a while, but at some point Sony quit delivering on any of the perks that it originally promised. (Live GM events, server exclusive content, etc…) As one might expect, paying 3x as much for essentially the same service didn’t go over well, so a mass exodus began. I think at that point the population dwindled primarily to people who wanted to farm rare items in a non-contested setting to then move them back to other servers for real world cash sales.