EQ2 a few Cs & Qs

Hm … check out Najena, the official Aussie / NZ server. Perhaps there’s a guild that has appropriate playtimes. I have a friend who works graveyard / late swing shift. She joined an Aussie guild and it’s been a perfect match.[/quote]

My problem is that a guild won’t cut it. I need people to play with regularly, not a group of people to talk too regularly. Most guilds are already high enough level thta I would have to struggle to catchup, and playing catchup is the most demoralizing thing one can do in a MMO.

My problem is that a guild won’t cut it. I need people to play with regularly, not a group of people to talk too regularly. Most guilds are already high enough level thta I would have to struggle to catchup, and playing catchup is the most demoralizing thing one can do in a MMO.

That’s what mentoring is for. ;) For me it helped to start the game being very friendly and social, asking for help and for groups. Then start developing a network of friends on your friends list. By the time you hit level 20 you’ve got a reliable group who plays when you do!

Ah, I sit corrected, then :)

Generally, you’ll not regret it. Besides, there’s now a /respec function
available to redo your choices.

For my ranger, I’ve picked a mastery-upgraded backstab from the
predator line of styles, which will still be helpful in tight situations for
many levels on. You also get more frequent such upgrades automatically
since the combat upgrade.

Not being anywhere near level 45, I haven’t bothered with DoF. Is there
actual content for the lower levels there?

The Splitpaw shard can be hell to acquire, since the combat upgrade.
1.You need to get down to an instance that most level 20 characters
can’t do solo, just to get the pointer to Splitpaw proper. Easy kills all
the way down, but a level 22 group of four gnolls at the end you MUST
kill to get a key for a chest that upgrades your shard to the second stage.
A 30+ has no problems, but some classes won’t do it solo.

2.Then you need to get to the Gnoll Cave far south in the Thundering
Steppes. Really hard solo, depending on circumstances. There are many
scout skeletons (see through stealth and invisibility), a nasty blob of
blobbiness (level 35, obviously seeing through your sneakiness) and
giants (likewise). Once you’re, there, though, at least the trip down is
easy. There is a minimum of one room of gnolls to clear for the first
explosive barrel.

3.Now you should be in Splitpaw Den (the lower tunnels), where the
instances and neutral gnolls are. Enjoy picking the right three instances
to unlock your teleportation shard. Oh, and watch a lot of loot go to
waste since there’s no bank there (loot drops are frequent) ;)

But yes, Splitpaw is easy to teleport to once you’re done with that
circus act of hoop-jumping :)

Yes but gaining that network isn’t as easy for everyone! I should start a healer of some sort and see what that gets me. What server is everyone playing on?

We’re all over the place. I’m on Befallen and so is Lee Johnson. The folks above are on other servers. I think McMaster is on Befallen but I don’t know how much he’s playing lately. I had taken a short break while doing some reviews but I’ve been back playing again now that the combat changes are in.


I’m on Runnyeye, where various DAoC aquaintances are, in a guild.
Runnyeye and Splitpaw are the two European servers.

I have a 25 SK on Befallen, my initial character, and then 4 toons, including my main, a 50 Illusionist, on Najena.

A lot of people have alts that’re lower levels so don’t just assume that when you join a guild you’re screwed for finding groups to XP with. True, right now people are primarily concentrating on getting their mains to 60 and exploring the new zones, but, for example, my main is out of vit as of last night, so I’ll spend whatever time this weekend with one of my alts, who range from 13th to 25th level.

Hey Euri,your welcome to join my Guild “Future Past” on the Everfrost server.
It’s a really good casual Guild with a core group that are always willing to help out on quests with an alt or just mentor if the levels don’t match.

My only problem is the same as yours,most of my Guild is east coast and central and I’m on the west coast,so after 8 PST on thursday and friday(two big play times for me as well)it’s lean pickings.
So if you are interested you will at least have a regular duo partner,and duoing I find is really productive in this game.

My characters right now on Everfrost are:Warmarc on Qeynos and Arach on the Freeport side.

Talk to you later.

I thought these appritence and matery things were simple upgrades for spells/abilities. Now your telling me I have to make choices and might have to /respec ? Can someone explain this talent/specialization thing to me?

At regular intervals, you get a master-upgrade for free. This simply means
there will be fewer spells/styles you need to hunt down scrolls/books for.

For instance, a necromancer gets a Master upgrade in the teens,
which I used on the defensive petstance. It doubled the bonuses,
and saved me paying the extortionists on the market several gold for
this lowlevel spell :)

At 24, I got a Master 2 upgrade that I chose to put in lifetap. This doubled
the maximum damage, and increased the return 66%.
Everyone will have a big attack they use all the time, and most likely,
that will be on the list of possible master upgrades at 14/24 etc.

If you check some guides about leveling up, you might find what spells/
styles are possible to upgrade at those intervals (usually four or so),
and can plan what not to pay for. Be a cheap bastard, and to increase
your chances for Adept 3 styles, befriend a crafter and learn to harvest :)

At other intervals, you also get racial abilities that either give you a
special power usable every 30 or 60 minutes, or a permanent stat
upgrade. I’d recommend upgrading your primary stat if you’re a caster
(INT or WIS), or STA if given those choices, as the other powers
rarely are as cool as they seem :/

I haven’t seen a master scroll for sale more than once for any of my
classes, and apprentice scrolls are cheap enough that you never regret
buying one if it provides noticable benefit. Some adept scrolls may be
a bit rich for you, and there are many powers you will obviously outgrow
past 20. Pet spells are replaced at 20 and 24, for example[2], and fighters
get new taunts all the time.

[1]I got two silver in a row the other day, blackened iron has been spotted
and there was a half-promise to increase the spawnrate of everything
else that is practically needed by crafters. Adept 3 scrolls and runes are
going to become a tad more common in the near future.

[2]OK, the tellurian recruit of mages is just too damn good once you get
it into Adept levels, so you’ll probably still use it when the new tankpet
comes at 24. My Undying Adherent was weaker at 24, even though the
tellurian wouldn’t be summoned higher than level 23. The UA practically
had mage health and defense, while the tellurian was like the Duracell
bunny. At 25 I had the mage pet at Adept 1, and it suddenly become a
durable tank. I will never understand the logic of the designers :)

They actually changed the tutorial, it was much different before. You could spend a lot of time there, and there was some treasure dropped by the enemies that you could only get in the tutorial, so people had a character in there to farm. It became problematic when the new players could not finish the starter missions, so they changed it a bit.


Is there an Auction house type of system? How do you shop for player made wares?

Ok, now I am really confused on spells/power upgrades. I thougt you might start with fireball, then to upgrade it you get appritence fireball, apprintence II fireball, or maybe Adept III fireball. But then you said you get replacement spells, maybe Fireball II, so if you upgrade Fireball you loose that upgrade when you get Fireball II?

Tempting. What classes do you play?

I play fighters mostly,my two main alts are Warmarc, a Guardian and Arach a Shadowknight.

Look for brokers. They’re usually at inns, one at the dock, and in each tradeskill instance.

I have Confuzzle (Master 1) ;)

You get a set of spells in each ‘tier’ - level range 1-9 is tier 1, 10-19 tier 2 etc. You get
some spells of each type within those levels, and they’re sometimes usable beyond those
level ranges. Don’t spend a lot of money to upgrade a damage spell or pet spell from the
first 20 levels, for example, as when you enter your real class, you start getting much
better damage styles/spells, more useful buffs and so on.

For example, druids get Spirit of the Wolf, which is usable for a good bit, if not their whole
career. I think there’s a replacement near the 40s, but not sure how their spellists look now [1].
This would be worth upgrading, if there are upgrades.

Similarly, both fighters and pet classes get ‘stances’ that benefit them for many levels on.
Some of them are worth getting at least to adept levels, some are replaced. I’ve had a
defensive stance for my necro pets since the mage levels, and this is at level 26. The spell
is 12 levels old by now, and upgrading it to master levels was worth it :)

The lifetap spell necromancers get at 20 seems to stay with them for their whole career,
but a free upgrade is offered. Wizards and warlocks also have a few ‘signature spells’, I
think, which just get better both from just gaining levels, and upgrading to adept+ levels.
It would be best to look around for a class guide, or start getting some higher level contacts
of your class ;)

[1]Incidentally, finding a correct and updated spell list online is impossible now :(

I think my friends are going to decide to play, and proabbly go with evil, so a few races/classes I wanted are out the window.

So how important are starting stats? For example, if race 1 has starting 30 wisdom and race 2 has 20, does it really matter much? I notice is usually do not run out of manna in combat to often (on the newbie island).

I wanted to play a conjuror, but thats off now they are playing evil. I do not want to play a necro as one of my friends will be playing that. Is there any other equivlent left for me?

Are furies nukers or do they end up meleeing most of the time in some animal form? The desciptions of classes are very ambigious. Are they good at both nuking and animal attacks or is one form better then the other?

I like caster types, what are some good suggestions? I do not want to play a wizard who just tosses spells because I play that in WoW and its quite dull. Somthing similar with more variety might be cool. What do you think are the most intresting (complex and/or you got a lot of neat tricks) caster classes are there?

For making money: Can you just be a gatherer? Is your gather cap based on artistan level or main class level? IF its the former, is the only way to get the cap raised is to actually craft items? I tried playing with crafting and I found it extreemly confusing trying to figure out how to make anything but the most basic things. For example I wanted to try and make a potion of swiftness, which requried a bunch of items, one of which was ariated mineral water. No vendors sold this, and I had no idea how to make or get it. Likewise, I needed a ‘fluid’ for some things and apparently water doesn’t count although very expensive distilled water does. Is there a way to make things like distilled water or are things like this vendor bought only?

This may not be too helpful, but once casting “clicks” the system does make sense, and it becomes much faster and easier. Still not an excuse for the learning curve they’ve given it, however.

As for the specifics, I am a bit confused. There is a vendor in the basement of the workshops who sells the fuel and liquid components that you need (not the ones you need to make through chemistry, but the aerated water, for example). I’m not sure why that did not count as a fluid for you; I buy the cheap 6c stuff and it works for me.

I do not think you can make things like distilled water, but creatures (such as gnolls, who leave canine saliva) often offer up things that can be used in crafting (canine saliva works as a liquid) as loot when killed.

This was on the newbie island, so there was no basement vendor, and my my water was my newbie water that did not count. Anyway there was no explanation, so I had no idea why it didnt work. I did not know about animal saliva either being used as a liquid. They really need to document that stuff and create a tutorial or at least on examine say it can be used as a liquid for potions. Of course if this is true, why can’t you just go to a stream or river and use that stuff.