EQ2 Beta

Anyone here playing it? I know NDAs are in effect and all, but once I get in there (awaiting a new video card – needed to upgrade, anyway), I wanna know who to watch for. :-)

Been in for two days…more to follow…

Been taking screenshots and all to post.

So, are you guys preorders or what? How’d you get in?

I have been in the beta for 3 weeks or so…

man… I never EVER get into betas… I guess I should start lying when I apply and say I am a game developer or have a gaming website or something…

I suck.

EQ2 had a couple ways to get in the beta early. Buy the crappy RTS when it came out and/or play in the legends server(40 bucks or so a month). There is of course a few other ways such as be an EQ fan site web master, press, relative of a developer, watching the web closely and entering contests, and filling out beta applications(the last two obviously require luck).

I got lucky and got into the WoW beta just recently. Wait for the open beta and jump in for WoW and/or EQ2.

EQ2 is really just more of the same, isn’t it?

Help is on the way.

Unless I’m mistaken, EQ2 is still made by Verant.

I have remeberances of The Vision™, Shaman’s potions, hell levels that didn’t exist, etc, etc, etc.

I just…well, I really need to see some stellar reviews before I give this bad boy a try.

I used to get into betas…then I started developing games and noted so on my applications. Now I believe that those who say they are a developer are probably rejected for fear of IP theft.


Verant is dead, it is all Sony Online Entertainment now.

Also, the people responsible for The Vision no longer work for Sony. They are making their own MMO. Vanguard, is the one.


EQ2 is also amazingly lame so far. I will force myself to play some more tomorrow.

I’m not in the beta, but I know quite a few who are.

Definitely mixed reviews, but surprisingly it’s the less hardcore who are liking it and that’s inline with the target audience.

Heard great things about the graphics and the sound.

Really? From what I’ve read it seemed like it would be more appeasing the hardcore and the graphics don’t seem that great to me. I downloaded like ~600 mb of movies and watched them and wasn’t really impressed. More of the same was my impression.

Do you say it seems like it’d appeal to the hardcore from the perspective of a current EQ player or a sideline observer? Everything I’ve seen indicates it’s far more casual oriented, but that’s from the perspective of someone who played EQ for a long time, so I can see how my definition of hardcore (meaning hardcore for an EQ player) might not be yours if you don’t do EQ in the first place.

Smaller groups, smaller raids, more fundamental class balance, crafting-centric loot: All of that falls under the realm of non-hardcore in the current EQ milieu really. (The 100 levels instead of 60 is a bit disconcerting, but the whole “earn exp while offline” thing would seem to mitigate that a lot.)

Just a superficial point of view (I won’t delve till it’s released):
A casual player game should be also “casual” on the hardware.

Most of the “casual players” I know don’t spend a lot of money on the hardware, nor they do this often.

Put me down on record as believing that EQ2 is going to be a commercial failure.

Not to mention, it’s going to suck. Come on, it’s Everquest.

I’m in the beta. Without violating the NDA, all I can say is that I will definitely pre-order the game. If you had asked me a month ago, I would have told you I was so disenchanted with EQ1, I’d never touch another SOE product. Now, I’m having more fun than a barrel of gnomes.

Oh, and this is my first post here. Heya :)

PC Gamer had a contest a few months ago, they gave like 1,000 accounts away. That was my ticket. I even got to invite a friend!

EQ2 will not appeal to the same high end raiders that EQ1 does, and they have said so many times. It really, really stressed group dynamic overall. Also, once I got to baubbleshire (fucking name) things started to get a little more fun.



You are saying that EQ2 will not appeal to people who like to do 60 person raids? And the large raids stress group dynamics?

Most of the people I know did not like the big raids as they took hours to organize and hours to complete.