Equifax breached ... 140 million accounts. The worse breach in history.


Wherever this is though, I want to sign up for that. What’s the … uh … up front cost on that?


Ten dollars, same as in town.


Watch out for the unexpected residual, though.



I think the most recent retail breach I saw was Sonic and I think they’re pretty spread out across the states. I’ve had my debit card reissued due to breaches 3 or 4 times in the the past few years.


Are you sure that’s not Trump’s lawyer?


I could be his lawyer’s lawyer’s lawyer.



I was able to freeze Equifax online and they gave me a PIN - no further notification in the mail which I think is weird.
Experian - had to freeze by phone - received letter in mail with PIN.
Transunion - had to freeze by phone - they made me create my own 6 digit PIN but sent a letter in the mail anyway.
Innovis - had to freeze by phone and still haven’t received letter in mail and it’s been 2 weeks. I need to call them.
Fucking hassle is right.


Come to think of it, I still have not gotten my pin from Innovis yet either. I figured they are really busy. If they are suddenly trying to mail out 100,000s of these things when they typically only do a few a month, they could be overwhelmed. I am not sure how long I should wait.


Froze ours on 9/19 and just received both letters in the mail yesterday for Innovis.


Yeah it’s a hassle and takes forever. Remember they really don’t want you to freeze your credit. They are forced to do it by law.


Meet the ‘Monopoly Man’ who photobombed Equifax CEO (Raw Story articles don’t embed here)

The costume is immediately recognizable as Rich Uncle Pennybags from the board game Monopoly — always a powerful image of wealth and pomposity begging to be punctured.

Werner, who uses the gender pronoun “they” instead of “he” or “she,” used the monocle and dabbed forehead sweat with giant paper money bags — accessories they purchased on Amazon.

“I don’t know if he noticed me, but his representatives from Equifax noticed me,” Werner told Newsweek. “I got a lot of dirty looks and I think they tried to kick me out but they couldn’t because I wasn’t doing anything illegal.”


As another data point, I placed my freeze request with Innovis back around 9/17 and just got the PIN today, so it was just short of three weeks in my case.


I got my pin yesterday too. Not sure when Id id my freeze.


I got my PIN earlier this week.


The PIN equifax gave me when I froze my account back when the breach happened (well soon after) doesn’t work (or I entered it into my lastpass wrong). Luckily they don’t charge for a temporary lift so I was able to get my Amazon credit card by just doing a 2 day lift, but I"m hoping I get a PIN in the mail soon so I can know what I did wrong.


How do you get a lift without the PIN, and what’s to stop a hacker doing that?


Well ok I phrased that wrong. When I called Chase to have them go through the approval process I gave them my PIN but they said it was rejected by Equifax. So I went to the website to do a temporary lift and I think I entered my pin there (though I’m not 100% I don’t remember for sure) and the PIN was successful there.

So I don’t know if there are two pins at play or Chase did it wrong, or what.


You have to send a bunch of stuff by snail mail. Nothing, but why bother when there are easier targets?