Equifax breached ... 140 million accounts. The worse breach in history.


Yeah, I know. Not the first time. They actually got ahold of us.



And in the “yet FURTHER evidence of gross incompetence” department: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/09/equifax-moves-to-fix-weak-pins-for-security-freeze-on-consumer-credit-reports/

That’s right: the super secret PINs they’ve been handing out for about a year at least are simple time-date stamps! UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE


Anyone who has set up a TransUnion account for a freeze, be sure to check your email because I received one notifying me that in addition to charging me $10 for the freeze, they may have also signed me up for a $19.95/month “TransUnion Credit Monitoring” service. The language is a little vague so I guess I’ll just have to monitor my debit card for a while.

Edit: Oh, there is a bogus charge there. They charged me $10 twice.


Here’s a great scam. Hack yourself, then make the hack public so you can make millions in credit freeze and monitoring fees. Not saying they did but…


I know you’re being facetious but that’ll be a drop in the bucket compared to the 20% hit their stock’s taken – which what the fuck, how is it only 20%? Still… they should be offering to cover costs on the backend (make signups with the Big 3 free, then cut a check to the others for every verifiable signup).

The upside of this for me is it takes some eyes off how badly my employer’s value has tanked this year!


Posted that 2 days ago!

Good to hear they’re changing to random numbers, and that they will send out new PINs upon request. I suggest everybody request that.


Oh, sorry, didn’t notice that you’d posted that. Of course I’m going to request it, but who knows how long it’ll take to get through. Do they have a web address specific to that concern in that link? They’d better not be charging me another 10 bucks.


I’d thought that thing about agreeing to arbitration was part of singling up for the monitoring service. If it was in the terms of use of the site, then everyone that froze their credit agreed to it?


I actually froze my credit a number of months back, but my PIN is one of those affected by this moronic incompetence.


“Big corporations have poured large amounts of money into our political system, helping to create a regulatory environment in which consumers shoulder more and more of the risk, and companies less and less.”


Yeah, I froze my credit several years back.


In their letter, the lawmakers, led by Jack Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island, and John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican, requested “a thorough examination of any unusual trading, including any atypical options trading, for violations of insider trading law.”

“We request that you spare no effort in your investigations and in enforcing the law to the fullest extent,” the lawmakers said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has already said it was investigating the Equifax hack. A spokesman for SEC Chairman Jay Clayton declined to comment.

The acting FTC chairman, Maureen Ohlhausen, declined to say if that agency was investigating the breach. “We’re trying to get a handle on the scope of all of this. We’re certainly taking this very seriously,” she told reporters at an antitrust conference.


Well yes the insider trading should be investigated, but who really cares about that? I want Equifax to burn. Not a couple executives, the entire company should be buried at a crossroads and the earth salted so nothing grows for a thousand years.


Glad I waited a bit for things to die down.


A whole 30 days, how generous.


Here here.


Jesus, man.
Relax. Don’t do it.
FTC Chairman Ohlhausen has got this. She already told us they’re taking this very seriously.


looks at Bank of America post collapse



Yes, I got my credit frozen at Equifax for free last night.

Fuck Experian and TransUnion who both gave me errors. With Experian, I have to write them a hard copy letter, with photos of ID, etc. It’s like ~$10. TransUnion was really pushing me to not freeze but use their product, which is supposed to be free, but I went for a freeze. And it gave me an error and asked me to try “later.” Bitches.

Are you parents of young adults freezing your kids credit? I got my 19-year olds done last night, but what if they want credit? I hate being the parent that treats his adult children like kids, but I don’t want them to get screwed by a some hacker.