Equifax breached ... 140 million accounts. The worse breach in history.


Not a parent but yes, they should be frozen also. Give them the PIN obviously, they’re adults.


haha, I could but they’ll just lose it. :)

No, seriously. You’re right. So obvious, but it’s just that knee jerk parent thing, I guess.


God I hate this crap. I decided to take advantage of the fee free freeze that Equifax is offering. I filled out the forms, jumped through their hoops and finally got to the submit page. Upon submission, I get a frikkin error and a notification that says to try again later. They should put the freeze on automatically in this situation and then give people the right to opt out, rather than make people jump through all of this garbage, over an issue that is not our fault, but theirs. I hope Equifax gets legally pummeled into oblivion for this shit. And the higher ups should do time as well. Especially those who stock bailed right before the breach announcement.


Well, at the same time you should educamate them to use Lastpass and save it there.

They won’t put the freeze on automatically because it is a profit center for them. Remember, you are their product. That’s why TransUnion tries to steer you to their garbage lifelock service or whatever when you try to freeze.

The freeze not only costs them profits, but also is a cost. If they automatically froze everybody’s credit, they would have an insanely massive number of people calling them up in 6 months when they try to apply for a store credit card to save 10% on undies at JC Penny.


Where’s Tyler Durden blowing up the TRW towers when we need him :(


I managed to freeze my credit info on the 4 sites, but now things are bogged down and I can’t even get one frozen for my wife. All freeze up at the start, or after I input her SS and credit card number…I feel like I’m tossing my money onto the street at this point. Experion has given no email confirmation at all that I’ve input my CC 4 times now. I have no confidence that any of these losers are taking any kind of security precautions. Hell, I have no confidence that they’ve actually frozen my credit reports…but I DO have confidence that the 2 that are charging $10 are collecting my $10.

I still haven’t gotten the Equifax emails to initiate the credit monitoring that they’re supposedly offering, and it’s been 3 days. At what point is it a “few” days, as their initial confirmation screen says?

I don’t imagine that anyone’s having a delay in paying for a credit score, however.


I haven’t been able to get anything done. Every site isn’t working right for me. Each time I try to proceed on the Equifax site, I get an internal server error. Then there was another site, for Trans Union, where I had to create some account to lock and unlock my credit and each time I click on the lock button, it sits there for a bit and then gives me the a server too busy.

Maybe Ill try again this weekend.


Top notch security!

admin/admin is not a super secret logon/pw combo.


Yeah, but it was Argentina so the username and password were in a completely different language, man. Super secure!


Should have gone with admin1/admin1 for extra security.


Aren’t you guys concerned that by logging into Equifax now you’re just putting more info into their already compromised systems? I mean, if you aren’t in the breach, maybe you’re putting yourself at risk by communicating with them at all?


Laughingly enough, this probably would have been sufficient, at least to stop social engineer hackers. Ha!


Anyone know a congressman?
I want a law that all these firms must provide a free, easy to use web interface to enable / disable a security freeze.
I would also ask that something truly punitive would be done to serve as a warning to other companies about taking security seriously. I would like some top executive’s head on a pike, but that might be a bit much. Ill settle for a few years in jail.


Everyone is in the breach. Anyone who has ever applied for credit, rented an apartment, had a student loan, they’re all compromised.

I don’t think there’s anything I could give Equifax now that they don’t already have, in terms of compromising information. Hell, the only info you’re putting in is so they can run it against their own records to confirm it’s you.


Yes, that’s right. The CRAs know everything about you. When you call your bank and they ask four or five questions about your past, at least one of which even you can’t remember the answer to like whether you had a specific phone number twenty years ago, that’s where they get those questions. That’s what was leaked.

That’s why they need to burn.


It’s almost like having these organizations spy on everyone for years and then putting the financial futures of the people they spied on their hands is a terrible idea or something.


We may have ransom demands from the hackers:

I have looked at all the data on the pages (see screen shots below) and have come to the conclusion that whoever this is they too had access to Equifax. As this is an evolving nightmare I thought it prudent to do a quick write up on this site and let you all know. These actors are offering a crowd source solution to the whole database for the same amount as the fake site the other day (600btc) but also are offering single records as well as 1,000,000 entries for 4 bitcoins or 56 ETC for the same amount of records.

This time the actors actually give you samples, a taste, as they say on the street as bona fides…


The insider traders will get jail, that’s a well established thing that puts the executive class in jail.

As for the leak, Equifax will be bought by one of the others, no liabilities will be transferred. Some will lose jobs. No one will be punished.

This is the world we live in. They rule it. Not us. Corporate lives > human lives.


I dunno, that guy posted Trump’s info. He just might be the kind of guy to take it personally.


If they do go bankrupt, someone else can take over the assets, but not the liabilities. In other words, they get all the data, but are not burdened with the pesky privacy rules. Maybe they get bought by Transunion and things stay in the same industry, but what if they are bought by Amazon, or Apple, or GoldmanSachs, or Gazprom? (Or the RNC?)