Equifax breached ... 140 million accounts. The worse breach in history.


They do not have any contact information at all on the free “trueIdenity” site. I can call their general number though which I found on a different site for the same company. I do plan on doing that.


Ok, I stand corrected, I didn’t know that breaching fiduciary trust counted automatically, that’s neat. Still, it’s a harder case to prove because you have to prove intent, not a timing issue, which most of them avoid by saying “I was planning on selling that stock anyway”. Still rotten!

It would be lovely to see Equifax’s organizational charter revoked. That’s like burning it to the ground.


That’s how most people get caught. It’s exactly what Martha Stewart went to jail for, and what they dragged Charlie Sheen away for at the end of Wall Street, crying like a…


I can’t find a number to Trans Union to actually speak to a person. Every phone number I can find leads to an automated system with no option to talk to someone and usually just hang up on you.

Their true Identity site is worthless. I get nothing but 500 errors when I try and add a security freeze. This is really frustrating.


You can add a freeze using the automated phone number, so no need for the human.


Were you responding to the post just before yours, or to the thread generally?


Based on extracts from the hackers, the stolen data does indeed contain information that can be used to extract your credit freeze PIN. So if you froze your credit with Equifax awhile back like me, you will need to get a new PIN. Not feelin’ so smug now!

Search for “couple more samples” for an example of a consumer requesting a freeze. Since it has the last updated time and Equifax PINs are the datetime you request the freeze, there’s Kristin’s PIN.



what was the process to get a new pin, Stusser?


They promised there will be a process, when it was revealed that their PINs are simple datetimes. But they don’t have one yet. All I can find is they tell you to send them a letter, on paper, through the mail, requesting a new PIN. So hopefully they institute a better process.

If you froze your credit recently you don’t need to worry about this. It only applies if you’re a smug bastard like me, just daring God to strike you down for your impudence. Like, c’mon God, you’re a bitch God, just a little bitch! What’re you gonna do about it, you little bitch? Awww are you crying God? Fuckin’ pussy bitch.


Ah, ok. I thought someone had posted a link, but I’m probably misremembering. So for now, we just wait I guess.


I’m having to walk my son through this, and he in turn is telling all his fellow classmates about the issue. It’s always interesting to me when knowledge I take for granted becomes a focal point in his life. I mean, I gave him long talks about credit, but now it’s suddenly “real.”


Just managed to get through to Equifax’s freeze line 888-298-0045 (mostly busy signals, finally got through, had to hold about 10 minutes) about changing my PIN to a secure one, spoke to a young woman with a Slavic accent. She gave me a confirmation number in case the PIN gets lost in the US mail. Took a little over a half hour all told. I should be getting the new PIN in the mail in 5 to 10 business days.


Good stuff. I’ll try calling late tonight.

Or not, only open 9-5, Mon-Fri.


haha, I’m not standing near you, bro. You gonna get smote like a motherfucker.


Jesus christ. I try to credit freeze for my wife now that mine successfully went through, and both times Experian said “sorry we can’t find the records for you”. I finally say screw it and decide we’ll do ti later.

In the mean time my wife tried to do a freeze for Transunion and it errored out mid way through so she gave up.

I just got 2 charge notifications from Capital one for them… Then she got a charge notification for Transunion.


Wait–so you just want a new PIN from Equifax because you figure your current one is in the wild due to the hack, right? Not because it was this ridiculously insecure date-time stamp.


Because the hack contains enough data that they can figure out the timestamp.


I get that, but I thought his PIN was issued long ago enough that it wasn’t just a timestamp. Or does it turn out that they’ve been like that forever?


My PIN circa 2015 was definitely a timestamp, and reports are they’ve been timestamps since at least 2007.

But that alone isn’t enough to change the PIN, the problem is the stolen data includes the datetime of last modification of your Equifax account. And if the last time you interacted with them was to freeze your credit, well, there you are.

Now in the grand scheme of things if you froze your credit you definitely aren’t a low-hanging fruit. There are well over a hundred million people who didn’t freeze their credit, so why would they go to the trouble to use your PIN when they could just prey on someone else? They wouldn’t, unless they’re spear fishing. But still, I’m changing it.


Elizabeth “Please Run for President in 2020, Girl!” Warren has our backs. She is introducing a bill that will allow every one to freeze their credit for free. Presumably unfreeze it too.

Sounds good to me!