Equipping our soldiers for battle

According to this article, it appears we’re properly outfitting our soldiers for war, and beyond.

Being a big fan of comedy, if they want to get plastic surgery from an Army doctor, I’m more than willing to pay for it.

That’s what we need. Femmebots.

Liposuction? What soldier needs liposuction?

From the article:

The magazine quoted an Army spokeswoman as saying, “the surgeons have to have someone to practice on.”

How else are they supposed to prepare for emergency battlefield breast enlargements?

as a big fan of good looking women in uniform, i’m all for it.

Quoting Phil Hartman impersonating Bill Clinton:

“Breast implants - covered. Breast reductions - not covered.”

You caught the bit at the end right? “And their dependents”. So Johnny soldier boy can sign up then turn his wife into Pamela Anderson on the gov’t nickel.

Yeah, so you can go to Iraq and get shot at while Billy Joe down the street get’s to play with your wife’s new boobs.

You’d think the plastic surgeons who happen to be in the military would be busier with reconstructive surgery for those of the 5000+ wounded.

That’s what the plastic surgeons are there for. However, when they’re not treating battle casualties, they need to keep their techniques honed. Performing elective surgery during the slow seasons is how they do that.

I fear for anyone who goes in voluntarily for something like this.

You know, it’s pretty sad that something like this is considered “offbeat news.”