Erannorth Reborn

Man. This game. I’m not gonna be able to even touch on everything there is to talk about in an opening post. But here goes:
What is it?
A deckbuilding roguelite. Probably the most famous example of the genre at this point is Slay the Spire, although I don’t think Erannorth Reborn has that much in common with StS in the final analysis.
Dear god, my eyes? Why would you recommend a game with such hideous art? Also, why isn’t anyone wearing any clothes?
Yeah. Um. The art is not a selling point. I absolutely wouldn’t blame anyone for being turned off by it. (I was.) But for what it’s worth, the excessively horny art (and low effort Poser 3d rendering) don’t seem to carry over into the actual play or most of what writing there is in the game. Also, the game is highly moddable and there’s a mod to replace all the enemy art (so far as I can tell, at least) with information and a representative icon:
as well as a mod that replaces enemy art with (based on the examples) higher quality if still not always fully clothed fantasy art off Pinterest:
I just found those today, so I can’t vouch for their 100% efficacy but they are options.
Okay, so why should I look past it?
Some really innovative ideas and an astonishing amount of depth. Here are some really interesting things the game does:

  1. Everything in the game is handled through cards. Weapons generate cards in your hand every turn that you can optionally play. Armor, accessories, etc generate and automatically play cards every turn. You can have allies, which stay in play and can attack things or create/play special cards. You can have hideouts that are permanently in play and supply you with an infinite supply of particular allies and card effects. There’s a backpack you can fish potions, treasure maps, and other consumable cards out of during combat.
  2. You can edit your deck and equipment load at literally any time, although changes to your deck won’t actually affect what you draw until you’ve run through it or manually reshuffled everything (which takes a turn), and equipment card plays happen at the start of a round so mid-round edits won’t hit until then.
  3. All of your cards (and yes, this includes allies and equipment) gain experience as you play them, up to a certain cap, which makes them more powerful each level.
  4. Synergies. The single trickiest design feature in the whole game, probably. Synergies apply an effect to the next card you play. This is often based on the level of the card and the elemental alignment of the card (they all have one), and can radically alter the function of the card. For example, apply a Damage synergy to a buff card, and suddenly in addition to buffing you, it’ll deal a level+damage synergy-based amount of that card’s aligned damage type to a target enemy. (It’ll also up a card that already does damage but this is actually much less effective.) Apply an Amplify synergy, and that card will buff your damage of that type for the rest of the round. Etc.
  5. There are sandbox adventure modes where you can move around a map freely and obtain all sorts of loot, allies, encounter narrative special encounters, visit towns and shop, and so on. There’s also a full deckbuilding mode where you aren’t limited to a specific class, and a draft mode, and…
  6. This isn’t specifically limited to Erannorth, of course, but it’s fully workshop moddable and moreover has robust tools for customizing your own game modes even if you don’t want to go as far as making mods.

It has a substantial learning curve, but I think it’s well worth it. PS: Races and classes are both organized in order with the top being the least complicated and easiest to learn and proceeding down from there. The locked ones are locked because they’re harder to figure out, and the more expensive ones more so. Be warned.

To give some idea what sort of stuff can go on in this game, a couple recent characters:

  1. A human mystic in Normal mode. By the time I won, I had a necklace that did a massive hit of poison damage to the first enemy in line every turn. if that enemy died, they exploded into a swarm of spiders that damaged a random neighbor (or me if there was no other target). I was accompanied by two unique permanent ally Knights, one of whom could heal me every turn (or if I didn’t need it, slap some healing on allies, increasing their max HP at the same time), the other a powerful offensive striker. And I was regularly summoning a guard dog that kept damage off me while violently retaliating against any foe that dared to attack me. I could also routinely buff my fire damage by 8-10 points on a turn, more with a spell that also caused me to breath dragon fire. (This is a large amount, though it’s a bit less impressive than it sounds because damage is always a range between your maximum and half that.) And chuck probably four or five fire bolts a turn. Plus lightning. Plus blasts of wind. All with way more card draw than I could actually play.

  2. My current character, a demon Shadow (the basic thief class), in Adventure mode. I’ve got a build centered around Sneak Attack, which multiplies damage if you have Concealment (and expends it). I have a cloak that procs Concealment every turn and synergizes it onto another card. I’ve permanently bribed a Con Artist enemy into following me, who can generate an Ambush card every turn that has x4 sneak attack (so it is pretty much one shot one kill if they can be sneak attacked) and synergizes concealment onto the next card. I’ve got three more of those in my deck. I have another half dozen sneak attack cards (including one that’s 6x!). I have a three-round concealment and defense buff. I have area Dark attacks. I have a hideout that summons poisonous spiders or a healing card…

I own this game. Got confused in the first five minutes and decided to make a sandwich and try again on a full stomach, but forgot about the game and ended up watching Youtube videos instead.

What I’m trying to say is that you’ve reminded me I need to play it. I should do that tonight.

I’m also excited to see all the nudity you’re talking about.

I posted a bit about it somewhere else (maybe the Slay the Spire thread?) I really enjoy this game but it has a depth that chases a lot of people off. Open world feeling mode is pretty unique for this style of game as well.

Heh. It’s in this weird place where it’s distracting and unnecessary, but it’s so softcore it’s not that titillating. Also see above re: it not being very good art, either.

I meant to post more tips and such to try and help smooth the onboarding but there’s so much going on that it feels a bit overwhelming to give general advice. I’d be happy to answer what I can, though. Also, this guide by the dev is helpful, although he’s not the best technical writer:

Particularly worth noting is a piece of advice about enemy behavior: they don’t act randomly, but conditionally. They have scripted priorities. And this can be used to your advantage: for example, if you can’t wipe the field, it might be useful to hurt enemies badly instead. Because passing certain HP thresholds will likely cause them to take defensive tactics like healing or shielding instead of attacking you. Obviously this will make it harder to kill them on the next turn…but that’s better than them killing you.

That first card set looks nice, and unlike the second (as far as I can tell) didn’t steal art from all over the net, since they made the icons. Be nice to have some music too.

In case anyone else is having a hard time finding it on Steam the name is Erannorth Reborn (the thread title is wrong)

One might say Malkav erred.

Wooo, I’m actually playing the game now. I may or may not have gone over three months between my first five minute session and my second session, but I put in over an hour tonight and am well on my way to 100%ing it sometime soon.

Oh, and it turns out the female outfits are just awesome. Love the boobs.

Too bad the skimpy male outfits are so creepy and gross though. I’m sure I speak for everybody when I say we could do without those ones.


Man. I have such a hard time remembering the exact spelling of that stupid title.

Yeah the art is just… (shakes head). But if you can get past it, there’s just a ton going on in this game that I really enjoy. I’d love to see more non-magic themed classes!

It’s like Dream Quest all over again in a different way regarding the art ;) With good artwork production values this game could be very popular I would think

As mentioned before I think this is a terrific game.

I don’t see it mentioned but there’s also a new game plus-ish mode in the hall of fame that’s really fun to use.

I’ve put a couple into the game and I think it’ll get better as I put more time into it. I actually like the art for what it is. The bountiful breasts help, of course, but it’s just off the wall and that suits me here. See Shadowverse for another game with ample cleavage, but its art is horrible because it’s all so busy every card just looks like a barf-rainbow mush-palette that fell butter-side down on the floor and then got stepped on. At least here everything is crisp and clear, odd perspectives aside.

As for the gameplay, I really only have one complaint about the game, and that’s the card text. I’m sure this will come in time as I memorize the effects of all the cards, but it’s a god damned chore trying to decipher all the half-dozen effects and bonuses each individual card might have. And the descriptions are simply too wordy. They’re all a jumbled mess. I might be able to just barely tolerate looking at beautiful women, but a poor text presentation might be a bridge too far. But again, once I’ve memorized all the cards and their effects I won’t even have to look at the text boxes again.

P.S. Oh yea, my wife loves the music. She always comments on it when I play.

I grabbed this over the weekend; it had been on my wish list for a while but the recent reviews here as well as some time to play exactly this kind of game pushed me over the edge. I am happy to report that this is well-built (if roughly finished) complicated tactical card game with deep character building and all sorts of fun hard-number things going on. The art is also very, very horny. Which is to say the full package is exactly as this thread has advertised.

Overall it reminds me of the sprawling character-building breadth of something like ToME crossed with, well, evolutionary horny Dream Quest (not that it’s an original evaluation). It sucks up time just as aggressively as either of them for sure.

Fun fact I discovered with my Shadow. I originally assumed Kill X% meant an X% chance of instantly killing the target. Which would be a nice bonus, but it’s generally been on cards that also did a bunch of damage and like, had Sneak Attack or Vulnerable or whatever. So I wasn’t particularly fussed about that small chance. Uh…turns out it’s actually that percent per HP they’ve lost. Kill is fuckin’ crazypants.

And there’s at least one weapon that has it on the card that it gives you every single round (the Infernal Axe).

This is as accurate a description as any I’ve seen.

Further warning to new players: the spelldancer class is particularly cringey. You’re going to have to roll with it.

Oh man, I haven’t unlocked them yet. I’m so excited.

So how do you unlock new classes? Or races?

I played through the casual starts a few times to get a feel for the game before starting a character in the Sandbox mode. Now my human hunter is roaming around and it is great. But I don’t see anything that would help me open up other classes even though I keep getting skills and equipment that are clearly for other classes.

This sucks me in much more than Slay the Spire. Mechanically I like building a deck from the pieces I’ve found much better that Slay the Spires balance of having to purge an ever sprawling deck.

I haven’t done it yet myself, but you earn tokens for every run. You can see how many tokens you have at the top center of the character creation screen. You can unlock stuff by clicking the lock to the left of the name and it will tell you the cost in tokens.