Erannorth Reborn

I’ll have to check that out. Somehow I thought tokens where tied to the specific classes (like +12 human and +12 hunter).

I suppose the sandbox mode doesn’t give tokens. That’s a shame because I prefer it but it would be fun to play around with some other classes between session with my sandbox character.

Every mode rewards tokens. Tokens are separate from mastery, which is what goes to the specific classes. And mastery is also rewarded by every mode. I would recommend unlocking races and classes in descending order as they get increasingly complicated and challenging to play the further down the list they are.

(You don’t get as much per area as you do stage of the gauntlet modes, but that’s because you do way more of them.)

The game runs out of steam a little at higher levels. I have a 15th level human hunter. As long as I stay on white content I haven’t come close to death in ages. The flip side is that I haven’t really been able to upgrade much in a good long while either. The hunter isn’t a very complicated class; I’m focused heavily on piercing and doubled or tripled damage.

I think that’s when you probably ought to get a little more adventurous. But then again, every completed zone is a bit more towards mastery and tokens to unlock other content. (It sounds like mastery still matters even once you’ve unlocked all the cards for a race or class…it gives you more starting attribute points or something?)

See the thread on turtling versus rushing. There is nothing indicating that I’ll get bigger rewards by becoming more adventurous. So I’ll likely grind out a few more levels and then go off to face the big boss.

Well, the higher level a zone is, the higher tier the rewards. And the higher tier towns sell better stuff too. But, that said, I don’t think you get a bonus for tackling that stuff below level. Could be wrong.

This has been on sale this past week at a very decent 35% off. The sale ends tomorrow so I went ahead and picked it up tonight. It looks fun.

I’ve been staring at that Steam page all week :-)

It’s worth it.

So what mode should I be playing as someone new to the game? Sandbox mode appeals to me but may not be the best to start? Or not? Any starting tips or things to avoid in general?

Sandbox is probably actually easier than the gauntlet modes overall, because you can go back to the same area more than once and grind XP and get rewards, too. Plus there’s ready access to shops in towns. And you still get progression for meta unlocks. The casual gauntlet is probably the easiest mode in the game, though, so might be worth maybe one run just to acclimatize.

When just starting out, if an event offers to let you go into something like a temple or dungeon or whatever and says that it will add nodes, I would turn it down. These typically contain harder foes, of a more limited spread of types, and will apply global effects that may fuck over your current build. They also give additional rewards if you can hack it, but if you don’t know what you’re doing it could well end your run.

There’s a couple guides by the game creator on Steam, I’d check those out.

Thanks, will do.

I finished my first run on casual difficulty today at level 4 as a human mercenary and earned 26 tokens. The human male portraits are quite hideous so I went with a female one instead.

The casual run was indeed pretty easy except for the final boss fight and I kinda, sorta understood what was happening most of the time. Now my hero is sitting in a paragon slot. I leveled up in the last battle and didn’t have a chance to apply my skill point before the run ended but I will assume that they are saved between runs.

I’m not exactly sure what to do now but I assume just repeat what I just did and make another casual run? Or ascend to normal mode? I see I can switch to adventure+ mode at level 10.

What do I do with the tokens? I see no way to spend them. I can’t seem to access anything on my mercenary while she’s in the Hall of Heroes (cards, items, skills). The UI certainly isn’t the most intuitive.

The tokens are for unlocking new races and classes mainly, although I think maybe there’s a very small token cost for reviving or ascending heroes? As far as unlocks, I’d start with the ones on top as top is lowest complexity and bottom is highest.

You could ascend to normal, or switch over to regular adventure mode with a fresh character if you feel up to it.

Thanks. So I will be able to spend the tokens once I get my hero out of paragon status by selecting a difficulty?

You can just back out and start a new character, I think. That’s where you’d spend the tokens.

Ah, I see. Thanks.

So I bought this, and after a couple hours playing, I… kind of dig it? It feels a bit like Pathfinder Adventures, in a way, and I can only imagine how deep the deck building goes as you level up and unlock different cards, items and equipment.

Anyway, I can see myself playing this. Like, a lot. And loving most of it.

And for some reason I feel like reinstalling an old version of Poser. Not exactly sure why… ;)

I started a human shadow in adventure mode. Adventure is interesting. It’s basically more like the card game I’ve been searching for ever since Shandalar, but yet not quite, really. It’s also kind of like what I had envisioned Hex PVE could be like if Cryptozoic had ever actually delivered what they promised. I continue to hunt for that grail. Meantime, this will do.

Does anyone know if you can increase the number of allies you can have in play to higher than 3? Is there a way to remove unique allies for play without killing them and having them lose all their earned levels and stats?