eSATA question

Now after reading up on it, I know eSATA ports output more juice and the external cables are shielded but…is there any harm in using one of the onboard SATA ports on my mobo (that does not specifically support eSATA or port multiplication)to go to a backplate exSATA port to use with an enclosure with a shielded eSATA cable?

I was originally looking to use a 4-bay SATA port replicator to expand on the limited capabilities of my smaller-than-microATX system but now it looks like the antiquated southbridge chipset (ICH7 on Intel 945GC) on this PC of mine doesn’t support so I am basically looking to use another single eSATA drive then if it’s highly likely my system won’t see more than 1 drive.

Looking for advice from more knowledgeable folks.

bah. uptight over nothing. works without a hitch. just without the fancy port multiplier features so the 4-drive box will have to stay connected by usb.