Escanaba in da Moonlight

Has anyone seen this? It’s a low-budget “foreign” film from a small fairy land called the UP (upper penninsula - it forms Michigan’s Santa hat and rests atop Wisconsin’s mitten). It’s a part of Michigan, but connected to Wisconsin, and dangerously close to Canada (eh?), and it’s denizens are called “Youpers”. The film is from a play penned by Jeff Daniels and he describes it as “Dumb & Dumber meet Jeremiah Johnson”, which is accurate enough for me to quote here. Jeff stars with Harve Presnell (the wife’s father in Fargo), who is excellent, and the lingo is also reminiscent of Fargo.

I liked it because it’s crude, weird, unpredicatable (except for the ending and the horrible song that’s played there) and reminds me of some crazy hunter uncles I have that routinely visit the UP cause dey tink dere going to bag a buck up dere.

Anyway, I think it’s worthwhile if only for the line: “My Chevy shook a shite” but I understand there’s plenty who hate it. Anyone seen it? I’m wondering how much of my enjoyment came from getting all the local in-jokes and seeing it with a couple genuine youpers and a few Michiganers.