Escape from Tarkov - Online first person action RPG

Watching “The Division” videos on Youtube I stumbled upon this game.
“Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and story-driven walkthrough.”

This gameplay video really caught my eye:

Getting a strong Stalkerish vibe from it and just look at all those weapon mods. Just look at them! and it’s first person! People get hurt by bullets!

I’m sure they’ll find some way to screw this up but for now, I’m excited.

Yeah that video is cool as hell. If I can play this solo, I will be very much in. Impressive that this runs on Unity afaik.

We’re still talking PvP, scavenging, and shooting, right?

I’d say the video looked a little too good, honestly. More power to them if they deliver, but for now, I’m wary.

I’ve had my eye on this for a while now. Realistic gameplay (extreme gun/camera shake, scopes nearly useless at full auto, etc) looks cool but I don’t know if it’s going to make for a good game.

Looks like what Counter-Strike would look, if it where made in 2015, by some russians. Probably thats exactly what it is.

Understandably so. Other than the kinda stiff walking animations I couldn’t find much fault with it so now it’s a question of what are they NOT showing us.
There are a few other videos around, one of them shows the looting mechanic and it looks pretty great as well.

I’ve been playing this now, still forming my view though. I may stream some of it if my system can handle playing and streaming. (I tend to stream console in part because then the pc can do all the work it needs ;) )

Just in the first little bit though I was a bit put off by what seemed like spawn camping. For a game of this type I really didn’t expect something like that to even be a thing you could do. Coming from PUBG, I was expecting/hoping for a bit more of that style of play.

I have played 8 rounds of Escape from Tarkov. Its a combo of DayZ on contained maps and Counter Strike as imagined by Russian gun nuts. I like it, it works as advertised: I sneak around, I get tense, I get some loot, I get scared, I die. :-)

There are 4 maps open to new players each representing a slice of the area: woods, shoreline, factory, etc. You load into the map with a few other players, and NPCs and loot are distributed through the map. The story is you are on a raid, so picking the appropriate gear before you start, looting what seems like the most valuable items you come across, killing enemy players, and making it out alive are your primary objectives. If you skirt the edge of the map and only pick up a few small items you will not get full credit.

In those 8 rounds I have been killed 4 times, I have killed 4 players, and I escaped from the map (too early) 4 times. I have not successfully completed a mission yet. This is normal. :-)

There are a lot of nice small touches. Examining items and looting each one takes time. Wounds bleed, you need to bandage some, you can only heal so much, too much damage on a limb and you need a splint, etc. Its not a game where its OK to take a few hits - bullets hurt.

The most intense session had me crawling into a bunker at dusk and coming across the body of a geared player. I picked up what was the most amount of loot I had yet seen. As I crept along the edge of the woods night fell. Another player stumbled across me in the dark and I unloaded a half clip of my freshly scavenged AK into his chest. I managed to stop the bleeding from the hits he landed on me, but my limbs were damaged. I slowly made my way across an area I knew had NPCs in it, but I miscalculated in the dark and got too close and they discovered me. My last few minutes were spent in the pitch black, slowly limping across the rocky terrain as multiple NPCs were shouting at me in Russian and firing at me. They finally overtook me and all of that precious loot was lost with me.

Each session has an aprox 45 minute timer on it. It fits my current play time well. I can select my gear, try and finish the map in about 30 mins, and log off after an hour having had an intense and emotional experience.

Its full price during beta, so its not a cheap game to sample.

That sounds pretty interesting. If brutal.

A guy at work bought into the beta, but has been waiting on a few things to firm up until he jumped back in.

This game is outstanding. I cannot even understand why people play PUBG when there’s this one that is SO MUCH more.

Or, I actually do know: it runs like utter shit even on quite beefy hardware. The engine is really the only thing that sets this game back.

I haven’t played online at all. I only played offline mode against the braindead AI, I got killed every time. That’s still the most fun I’ve ever had with a FPS. The first time I was worried I could still lose equipment so I only brought a pistol and a magazine… Only to realize that a magazine is a separate object from the actual bullets. So you have to ALSO load bullets into the magazine before loading the magazine into the pistol, if you want to shoot at things.

The next attempt was during the night while raining. All I could see was stains of grey. I made to the first bridge by groping my way around. Then ended up with a NPC pointing a flashlight to my eyes. I couldn’t see shit beside this flimsy light flashing across from time to time. I don’t even know if I managed to kill one because another arrived from another direction and I died.

Other attempts were more successful. Slightly.

There are a few things that make this game a masterpiece. So I’ll make a quick list:

  • The concept. You buy an account that gives some off-game storage space, and a number of entry level objects (and some money). You load stuff in your personal inventory, and then pick a “map” (that is a rather big level) where you spawn on one side and have to reach the opposite side while staying alive. If you survive, everything you carried and that you looted around the map will be brought to your storage space. If you die (or crash, or get disconnected or whatever) you lose everything you brought along. This means the matches do matter and can be really tense. There’s something at stake because I don’t think the weapons spawn at random (I could only find a grenade inside a box), you have to loot them from other players or NPCs you kill, and if you don’t bring a decent weapon then it’s unlikely you can kill someone. There are also some off-game NPCs to sell/buy stuff and they can even give you some “missions” where for example you have to retrieve some objects for them.
  • The inventory system. Individual pockets, backpacks and so on. But what matters here is the loot system. If you kill someone you can loot everything he had. But this isn’t like other games where you have a list of objects. You have to search inside individual pockets and containers, one by one. Searching can take some time, while you stay out exposed. So you have to search individually each pocket on the guy, and the objects you find also appear one by one, as if you were really groping around with your hand and picking up the first thing you found. Some objects appear as black silhouettes, because it’s the first time you see them. These too have to be examined individually, with another progress bar, to figure out what they actually are and how to use them. Some inventory slots are square, some slots are vertical. For example some rifle magazines need a vertical slot, two square slots one above the other won’t do. You spend time organizing your limited inventory, deciding what to take and leave, while paying close attention to noises so that you don’t get killed while looking into someone’s pockets.
  • The realism that isn’t for sake of realism. The sound in this game is insane. The noises you make while moving around, or that other characters make, are different from any other game. There’s no HUD, so sound is all you have. If you start running they can hear you from miles away because it’s the sound you’d expect while running around in heavy boots. I couldn’t imagine how realistic sound can make the gameplay feel so much more visceral. Getting in a firefight in this game is much more intense than every other FPS I played. With the mouse wheel you control a slider to determine how fast you walk (there’s a separate key for running). That slider and the posture indicator is basically all the HUD you’ll see. (actually, there’s a slider for the height too, but I’m not sure how to use it, the game has the usual keys to stand, crouch and go prone, but maybe there’s some way for a finer adjustment too)
  • The hardware. Bullets and magazines are individual objects not to add hassle, but because you can load different bullet types (and different magazines sizes for the same weapon). There are tons of different ones. And all the weapons are moddable to the extreme, the way the real objects are. It’s not game-y stuff where you apply some generic bonus. You can strip down a weapon to its skeleton, change grips, springs and everything else. I’m not an expert but this is the first time I see this kind of detail in a game.

And that’s just the overall structure. The game has so many objects to loot and sell. For example I opened a cabinet and found a CPU fan and wooden horse. I suppose it’s trash that is meant to be simply sold, but the game has also the stuff typical in survival games. You have to bring water and drink, for example. When you get shot at the screen blurs even if you aren’t hit, it’s the way it models suppression and, between that and the sound it makes, you do feel under fire. The way the character moves with body weight, recoils when bullets hit really close, or gets fatigued after a run, it really adds to the gameplay. When you run you cannot suddenly turn in the opposite direction. You cannot bunnyhop around as in COD. That makes the combat forced into a slow, tactical affair where thinking is more important than aim and reflexes (and I can’t imagine what a mess it might be online since the game won’t tell you who’s enemy and who’s friend). Also, since untreated wounds get worse over time, it means you often will survive firefights only to die horribly some time later while coughing blood and limping desperately toward the exit, your screen reduced to a red blur.

I really don’t see anything that this game doesn’t do to perfection (or that could use refinement, considering it’s beta). It’s an actual masterpiece.

…But the engine is utter shit (and stuff like LOD transitions and shadow gradients look awful, even if the overall picture is still great thanks to attention to detail). Imagine this running on a good engine and it would be a dream game that materializes. You cannot improve perfection. And I guess only Russians could make a game so unashamedly and bravely hardcore that gets everything right.

I haven’t verified to be certain, but there might be a separate mode of play, only available on a timer. The difference is that you spawn with a random loadout. So in this case if you die you don’t lose the gear. And, I think, if you survive you instead can still keep all the loot.

So, if it works like that you have to realize that the “hardcore” aspect isn’t that extreme. You have your storage space where you can accumulate some gear, you have these timed spawn that can get you gear for free (if you survive), and you also have the money that you can accumulate freely (I don’t know if money is also lost on death). Even if you lose everything you can still buy stuff from NPCs. That means there seem to be a decent amount of options available even in the case you keep dying horribly over and over.

Hold down “C” for crouch, and use mouse wheel to scroll up and down. You will see the height indicator next to the small person icon slowly raise and lower.

Scroll without “C” to change walking speed.

Wow this sounds amazing. The fact you can also play single player is really cool. Edit watched some vids ok this looks really fun.

I keep finding stuff (and as said above the vertical slider works too, and you can use the slider even to set the movement speed when moving while looking down the sight) (and because the keybindings are bugged and can’t be set).

If you press R you can rotate objects in the inventory, because why not.

And there are three separate keys to look at the weapon you’re holding. All three with distinct animations:

  • Press L and the character flips around the weapon to look at it from both sides. To show the model is quite detailed.
  • Shift + T and you look inside the chamber of the weapon. For example to see if shotguns are loaded.
  • Alt + T takes off the magazine of the weapon to look INSIDE it and see if it’s empty or there are bullets.

And I think the game considers where your legs are when you go prone. Because at one point I could only move in one direction, and I think the game considers the rotation of your upper body compared to the legs.

Someone might be interested to play The Greatest FPS of All Time.

Some news:

starting December 28 and over a few weeks, we’ll conduct load testing of game servers in order to adjust processing for a large number of new players at the start of the OBT (Open Beta) in the beginning of 2018.

For this purpose, we have planned a New Year event, which will give free access to the game to a part of users who are registered on the official website of the project, but are not playing yet. 7-day access to the game will be granted to a part of the players, who will be picked randomly among the total number of subscribers, with bias for those who have been registered earlier.

Within a week after the event launch, the game will be available for purchase with a 25% discount

Also, we announce that forthcoming updates, which will be released before the end of the year, will include the full version of the Shoreline map, new weapons and items, as well as new features such as the new spawn and extraction system, dynamic weapon size change, helmet customization system and improved headwear slots, redesigned system of weapon mastering, dogtags and other features, which will be explained in more detail in the near future.

In the early 2018, with launch of OBT, the game will be further expanded with advanced game mechanics, and some of the existing ones will be redesigned. Moreover, players shall expect further optimization of the graphics and network components, as well as the new Interchange location and additional game content.

They also give 7-days trial code to those who bought the game before July 2017.

“Dynamic weapon size” means that weapons will take different amount of space in the inventory depending on the attachments they have.

Looking forward to final version, eastern europeans FPS games are the best FPS games.


This game rarely has a discount and I missed the last one so I wanted to mention it here.

25% off all purchase tiers and upgrades May 9th only.

In honor of Victory Day, we will be hosting a 25% discount off of Escape From Tarkov, which includes all preorders and does stack with the multiple preorder discounts. This will be the perfect time to invite your friends or get that upgrade you want! So don’t miss out, and remember, all upgrades will require a profile reset!

May 9th, 00:01 MSK

May 10th, 23:50 MSK

Wow, nice! What is the normal price?

STALKER and FarCry 1 are the only “recent” FPS I have played.

anyone else playing this still? i just got it and find it very intriguing. It has a learning curve hump but it’s like a weird long term FPS RPG hybrid with rouge like elements. The gameplay is pretty fun, looting is interesting, the quests keep you occupied for a long time.

my computer has always struggled with this, and combined with the many bugs and exploits I’ve had it on hold for a long, long time. I did buy the big pack way back though.