Escapist flash not available from work computer

I can’t quite figure this one out because i’m trying to do so in-between windows of real work, which makes it rather hard to focus on the problem (and because it’s not exactly a high priority problem) but for several months i’ve been unable to access any Zeropunctuation from my work computer. I’ve tried updating flash, i’ve tried three different browsers, i’ve tried enabling all permissions in the control panel, i’ve tried anything i can think of. I have no ad-blockers, i have no ip restrictions. It’s my office network so no blocking from above, these are just standard computers on a big switch.

The only thing that was a bit fishy is that youtube videos would pop up with a big “Allow or Deny?” right smack in the center of the video, and wouldn’t go away until i clicked on the video multiple times, than the button would be “clickable” and i could get the box to go away.

Any ideas?