ESPN Apocalypse is today


Arpon Basu is a prominent Montreal-based hockey reporter. From yesterday:

Pretty great :) Fuck ESPN.


Well, there goes the business plan for The Ocho.


Saturday evening Sportscenter was sponsored by MSNBC. LOL. I rest my case.


The left leaning network that just added George Will, right?


And Ann Coulter?

Not saying they aren’t more ideological than, say, ABC news or something, but far from the portrayal as left wing extremists they get painted as.


You go grrl!


I don’t think you will find a collection of more far left wing extremists on any network. And I say that as somebody who actually likes most of them.

And am I the only one who thinks who thinks it strange that an NBC product sponsors an ABC product.


Keep this nonsense in P&R please.


Lighten up, Francis. This whole thread is P & R worthy.


And I mean it’s not like literally anything Jeff said is wrong. . .


So there are people here that think MSNBC is not the most left leaning news channel? That surprises me even for QT3.

Yeah. It’s really fucking strange that Disney/ABC/ESPN would take sponsorship dollars from an NBC affiliate.



Thank god he’s still got his seattle radio gig. He’s the best thing about Seattle sports radio. His 10 AM Saturday show is one of my favorites.


ESPN and its new stake in BAMTech laugh at your apocalypse predictions, thread.


Not exactly a ringing endorsement of ESPN’s current business model.


Fox Sports employed the same strategy; cleaning house and firing all of their writers in favor of more video content. Let’s see how that’s working out for them…



The best part is that Google announced last week that, beginning in January, Chrome will automatically block all autoplay videos when a page loads. Fuck those media companies that do that.


I’m not sure “pivot to video” was ever really an actual strategy for sites that adopted it so much as a surrender and admission that webclick ad revenue wasn’t generating enough money to pay for written content on their sites. Instead of just leaving the domain parked, you can have a couple of interns in the production and IT departments cut up on-air video segments and repost to the site in 90 second bites while waiting to figure out if there’s something useful you can do with the web space.


The stupid thing about most of those videos is that the announcer was just reading the article verbatim, or just a summary version. Even the summary version was slower than me reading the damn article; especially since there’s always a 30-second first.


No shit. I could have told them that.