ESPN NFL 2k5 passing - too hard?

So I played a bit of ESPN 2k5 with my brother last weekend. We noticed that it was damn hard to complete a pass, and that interceptions seemed uncannily common.

Has anyone else noticed this? Can anyone recommend good settings to make the passing game more true to life? Or do I just suck at choosing recievers?


A couple of key things to learn with passing:

  1. Let your QB do his full drop back before passing

  2. Watch the safety(s) right off the snap. See the receivers\area that they are covering. Not too safe to throw there.

  3. Put a man in motion before the start of the play to be able to read zone or man D. If it is zone - pass as your reciever runs through the coverage, if it is man, and you know there is no safety help, throw to your reciever when they are open.

  4. Watch how the DB’s line up against your WR. Are they inside - hot route them to an out. Outside - Hot route them in.

A combination of this should get you started…then you can work on avoiding pressure in the pocket, running a bit more etc…

Im still learning myself…but these things helped me.

Probably would help if I knew the first thing about football, too. hehe.