Essential Oils And Other Holistic Bullshit


Way to assume the hellbeast’s gender, assholes.


I just can’t look at that and not laugh, every time.


I love that Twitter account. I joined Nextdoor just because of it, only to find it’s not really used much in my area.


Paltrow took her Goop show to Vancouver. Somebody decided a little performance art / protest / education was in order.




Missed opportunity to brand it as Wiener Water.

Would’ve sold loads.


This would have been so much better if the water had actually come from NYC hot dog carts.

Reminds me of this:


What if you just hate water.


Don’t forget that fish fuck in it.



Have you ever seen a video of a whale taking a dump? Impressive.


“you assholes killed my grandfather.”



This relates to my other angry thread about MLMs but essential oils are being pitched as a cure-all for anything and everything.

(long rant of nurse/medical staffer on how the crap affects patients)


Errr… This is a magnetic stirrer. You can buy one on Amazon with free shipping for 30 bucks.


Except they have magically eliminated the stir bar (haven’t they?)




Haha, that’s one of my friends. There was some comment on her Facebook that the post had gone viral. I guess that shows just how viral.


You know, after having used those in labs for years, there have been times I really thought they’d be awesome in the kitchen.


Damn, somebody is going to get in trouble. Young Living does not play around when it comes to claims people make on Facebook. They have tons of documents of what can and can’t be said to stay in compliance, which I have skimmed, and my wife follows when she does her posts.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that gets taken down ASAP and the person gets cut off from YL.


Their compliance thing is sort of a joke though. You can report the sellers making the claims and they get reprimanded but “everybody is doing it” with their claims and dancing around it.