Essential Oils And Other Holistic Bullshit


Life sucks.


Ideally all births should happen in a hospital to address complications. My mother carried me to 44 weeks (apocryphally she says longer) and I “breathed in baby poop” as my mother put it when I was born. But it was in a hospital and here I am (I did have a lot of bronchitis growing up). I have a friend who’s baby was born with his arteries backwards ( and who would have died without being in a hospital. It’s smart to have a high level NICU present when you have a baby. It’s certainly smart to listen to your doctors, and respect general science like “don’t go past 42 weeks if you can avoid it, but monitor it if you do”. My last child went to 42 weeks and came out naturally. No castor oil was consumed by the wife.

So, I’m not defending anything here, but there is a divide in play not being addressed. In the southeast at least (I’ve heard other regions are different), you can’t have a natural birth in a hospital. I mean, you can say that you don’t want to induce, you don’t want drugs, etc, and they honor that*, but you can’t get a midwife in there… or you can’t do a tub birth. You can’t do a million inadvisable things. You’re not going to fire up a grill and eat the placenta (people do that). Some of them are fine and some are crazy pants. Hospitals refuse midwives, they refuse obgyns who aren’t on their list. And it makes sense from a liability standpoint to a large extent for the hospital to do that. But what it means is that if you want to do a natural birth of almost any ilk, you are going to have to do it at home or a home birth center. If you want to do it actually at your home, you are going to use a midwife (who will have some training but almost certainly won’t be a proper M.D. doctor). The midwife won’t be allowed to “attend” a hospital birth, because people who do home births at other’s homes are shunned and aren’t allowed to do hospital births. So people do really stupid things, and they do them at home, because their (often small, no nonsense) requests aren’t being provided for by the medical practices/hospitals.

So I’m just trying to say that this lady should get at least the tiniest bit of slack. She was stupid when she needed to be smart and now her kid is dead. She didn’t do this with malice. She’s not a murderer. This little part of the article here:

Women that go overdue are not generally at risk for anything bad happening to them. They can develop life-threatening conditions. However, most of the risk lands on the baby. Therefore the 10-month-mommas do not believe there is anything wrong with keeping their babies cooking as long as possible.

That’s the bullshitiest bullshit I’ve ever read about home births. Most home birth mamas do it because they think it’s better for the baby. There are a lot of things that are done after the birth at the hospital that you don’t want them to do. And some of the things the hospital does are actually against what the science says. For instance, cutting the umbilical cord essentially immediately after exiting the birth canal. Or significantly wiping the baby off as soon as they have settled:

In a hospital setting, you aren’t given options. The clamp is on the umbilical immediately. The baby is whisked away by a nurse to get wiped down. And a million other things you don’t want. The only way to stop the machine is to have someone there who basically stops them from doing it, actively. There are people who have this as their job. They get paid to come in, deliver a birthing plan to the nurses, and then actively enforce it at every step of the birth. It’s a real thing. No wonder some people say, you know what, let’s just have it done at home or a center where I can control these decisions.

By the way… my friend, the one who’s son was born with arteries swapped? She had her second child in a tub at home. Luckily it went ok that time. My wife and I decided to have all of our children in a hospital because it wasn’t worth the risk to me. We didn’t need it, but we wouldn’t have had to rush to a hospital while our baby died if we did. But the choice wasn’t as simple as you guys seem to think.

* If you are very, very adamant about it. They will push induction or even c-section as early as 38 weeks here sometimes, depending on your ob/gyn group. I know several people who scheduled c sections as early as 36 weeks because that last month is a doozy, amirite?


Actually, a lot of that stuff isn’t done any more. We living a rural area. Our hospital gave us delayed clamping, and they didn’t wipe the baby before giving her to my wife. Just saying, science has progressed.


What region of the country? Southwest was already doing this stuff when we had our last birth 5 years ago but ours (southeast) wasn’t.

From what I understand California and Northeast are like 10+ years ahead compared to us too.

Oh, and not to miss the important point, that is awesome. I’m glad things are getting better.


Even using it for cleaning (“Thieves!”) and to supplement medicine is venturing into woo territory for something that is primarily aromatherapy. If you can afford it over “harmful chemicals” since that stuff is grossly overpriced in comparison for its bullshit “natural purity” …go for it?


Rural PA.


So, funny you bring this up, but my wife delivered our last child his morning. And the hospital, in the last two years, has changed policy. They no longer do so, but instead waited about 8 hours before giving the proper first bath. They even mentioned this.

Because our daughter, who turned two on the 5th, was washed down shortly after birth.


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Your absolutely last? Are you not having any more?


Correct. This was #3, and we don’t want no more.


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Congrats man!

It was told to me that once you reach a point where you have more kids than arms, there’s not much difference between three and ten. So you could have more!


I have been told the same by coworkers. I think that’s why my wife wants to stick with 2. Also, being ADHD makes her feel like she is a single mom with 3 kids sometimes already.


So what you’re saying is he needs to add more arms.




My baby (he’s one today!) had meconium at birth, although thankfully he did not aspirate it, so it was not a big deal. They saw it coming and has a resuscitation team on the room when he was out, and double checked him after birth, though.

Giving birth at an installation without a NICU is ill conceived (and I have friends who did because of the absurd “all natural” movement, since the hippyish public hospital around here has no NICU). As much as hospitals can take risks you don’t want them to take, everything they are going to do is going to be for the best of the baby and the mom, as far as they know. And they certainly are experts.

We were offered the option of a birth plan, but we were told the nurses and the obgyn would override it if they considered the health of the mother or baby was at risk. Which seems obvious. I might be the parent of the kid, but I do not have the right to put him at risk and the state has the right to impede me doing so and medical professionals have the duty to intervene too (this was a public hospital because here you want to give births in public hospitals. Their numbers are way better than private clinics).


Pretty sure the doctors/nurses where you are at are better at science than the doctors/nurses in the US south, too. :D


My PCP suggested that I try acupuncture for an issue I’ve been dealing with. He recommended the place he goes to. I’ve never tried acupuncture before and went with an open mind.

The place was lovely, very calming atmosphere and the acupuncturist seemed very competent. The problem I have been having is an achy back which I do a lot of PT for to manage the pain from running.

She stuck needles in my hands and feet?! Two in each foot and three in each hand. And I sat for 35 minutes listening to Windham Hill type music. Can’t say I noticed any difference afterward. She said that for some people the effects are cumulative so I’ll give it another try.

I told my wife that the acupuncturist punctured me and money leaked out. I shall reserve judgement but it is not apparent to me how this is going to help.


I have done it to curb sugar cravings once. No idea if it worked.