Essential Oils And Other Holistic Bullshit


More mutant super powers for me!


It’s been my experience that boinking an oinker in the doinker helps a lot with most ailments. HER ailments, I mean.


Not exactly holistic bullshit, but the sooner the supplement industry contracts by ~99% the better…


About the only supplements I feel that have done me any good are potassium (when working out, to avoid cramps) and probiotics (after taking a course of antibiotics).


I eat yogurt sometimes.


Try pickle juice for that.


A while back my doctor told me that I had the lowest level of vitamin D that he had ever seen. Supplements got it back up quickly. YMMV.


I have to take supplements due to my CF and lots of people have to take them out of medical necessity. That’s why I say 99% :)


That was a pickup line.


Hey, if you make your kid drink bleach and they die, you won’t have to worry about autism. CURED!

Jesus Christ.


Here is a link that highlights the story itself, rather than a tweet:

(it goes to the same place - just my curmudgeonly crusade against “it isn’t real until someone tweets it”)


Yeah… when you wonder how people can be so stupid as to do some particular stupid thing, it’s worth remembering you can literally convince them to pour bleach down the throats of their children.


Yep, just saw this today:

US pastor runs network giving 50,000 Ugandans bleach-based ‘miracle cure’


I propose said ‘pastor’ gets to share the cure.

How does 50,000 doses sound?


Have we ever lived in a timeline where the general public has been more stupid than ever before? I can only think of one instance and that’s when they were burning witches.


How about the 1900s when the whole seance, speaking to the dead thing was going on?


This is much worse. That didn’t maim or kill people.


Very true.