Establishing game reviewer relations

Great Caesar’s Ghost Kent! I presume you write for the Daily Planet?

  1. Hire a freelancer who already has those connections. PM me below! :)
  2. You pretty much have to call or email each one individually Clark. It’s a painstaking process and I sure do wish there was a constantly updated white pages listing, but it’s doable.

Heh…I didn’t realize Clark Kent ever had problems his super powers couldn’t solve. (Sorry, freebie that I couldn’t resist).

If you had come by a few weeks earlier, I would have told you go to E3 and work introductions from there. But…

Since that’s out, yes, you do need to start writing to the PR contacts or the companies in general to receive their jewels of press goodness. For the time being, and to get you accustomed to the culture, I recommend a few sites:

  1. Games Press ( - it’s a PR haven of sorts for the game industry. PR reps post their new announcements and screenshots directly to the site and media types browse the site to find what they need. Plus, it’s got a full listing of all the PR contacts and each of their companies. HOWEVER (and this is important), the site is based strictly on UK/Europe PR and so there’s a lot of holes if you’re wanting to cover the US. Still, I’ve bounced off the UK contacts to get to the US contacts as necessary. As far as I know, there’s no comparable site here in the US.

  2. GameDaily ( - a fairly good, if business-only industry rag which has some good reach. Good for an overview of the industry from a business professional perspective (I do not know your media class, so…). You’d probably get lots of interest if you posted a classified, for example.

  3. GameTab ( - a Google-like resource for capturing DAILY news from a collection of significant gaming news sites oriented towards the hardcore gamer, and if you can sort through all the irrelevant news, this should be another good place to check.

One question for you: how the hell did you find Qt3? :-p

If you just want press releases, I’d just take the time to contact via email the major publishers. There aren’t that many, really.

If you want review copies of games, you will also have to deal with each publisher individually. That might be a bit of harder sell, depending on how they view your publication.

Good luck.

You might want to get hold of the book that lists the exhibitors at E3. It contains much of the contact info you’ll need.


Also, if you head over to they have a pretty big database of all the publishers and dev studios.

Game 411 has decent listings for tons of publishers.

I have last year’s version and it doesn’t contain email addresses or direct phone numbers for most of them. Just ground addresses and main phone lines. It seems to avoid actually naming PR reps, instead it gives you the marketing guy. Also, under Microsoft, it fails to mention Arbuthnot (their web PR firm) or Edelman (their print version of same). In fact, all the contact info seems geared toward buyers rather than press. Is this year’s version better?

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