ET kickstarter

Given the current parallels to the 80s gaming crash, isn’t it time we started an ET kickstarter? If we reach whatever goal is set, I’m sure we can pool together the talent needed via QT3 forums. Of course licensing fees and development costs yadda yadda etc,. I’m confident I could oversee a game that was at least as good as the original. We might even create the best game ever, and not only redeem the ET franchise, but save gaming as a whole. Participants will receive monetary compensation based on contribution and track record (to be completely determined by a panel of experts).

Suggested feature list (please chime in with your own fantastic ideas)

  1. Free to play.

  2. “Dynamic” content

  3. Voodoo 3 compatible

  4. Monthly contest via forums to determine and “fix” balance issues.

  5. PvP

  6. Player created content, and release of full editor used to make the game.

  7. Day/night cycles

  8. ‘Interactiveathon’ Proprietary engine that includes the players mood and/or psychological shortcomings in the outcome of loot rolls. (purchase of separate mood connector required)

  9. Set in space, ability to create your own worlds, vehicles, NPCs, and planets.

  10. Ship to ship combat.

I think this is something we can all get behind. The time is now, the future is but a memory.

With so much talent on the QT3 boards, I’m sure we are just a few postings away from all having our own islands, where we can wage real time combat with remote controlled cyber combatants.

We could supplement the Kickstarter pledges by going to Caterpillar and offering them exclusive rights on all earth excavation needed to bury any unsold copies as well!

Or partner with Verizon and change it to “E.T. text home.”

And day/night cycles? Let’s not get crazy, matching a game from 1992 just isn’t going to happen. Ever. That technology is lost to time!

Clearly this is going to be a huge endeavor, so we’ll start by offering a proof of concept to our $500 and above contributors: A standing-in-stuffed-animals portion of the game. Fully 3D. You can’t move. Or do anything. And it may or may not have textures.

Also, the first and most important step in designing a free-to-play game is to decide what you can buy with cash. Clearly Reeses Pieces. You’ll need these to move around the world, because you can only follow a trail of Reeses Pieces. Innovative pay-per-step gameplay!