ET the game (from the garbage dump!) going up for auction

Will be interesting to see how much people will pay for them.

There are literally millions of copies in dumps. The main one in Alamogordo that was dug up for the documentary has almost a million by itself.

I’ve played the game, its utter crap.

Hey, maybe I can auction off the copy I was given as a kid when the video game market crashed.

The sad thing is, I got pretty good at E.T., even though it was a pretty terrible game.

I had that game too. I also got good at it, trying to convince myself that there was no way Atari could release a bad game like this. (I also had Superman…)

Ahh, Superman for the 2600. Ever do the insta win glitch?

And ET…ewww “The dwarves…they dug too deep”

This game set the level at which poor collision detection is measured against. It doesn’t get any worse than when you are stuck in the pit…

Me too! That game was also pretty awful as well.

The funny thing is that I think the reason I kept coming back to ET was that once I figured out the mechanics, the randomized location of everything kept things somewhat fresh, unlike a lot of the other games at the time.