Eternal Darkness (gamecube)

This got a 9.6 or 9.7 from IGN. It’s out today supposedly. Is it worth getting? Or should I use my gamecube as a planter?

All I know about this game – and this is enough to tempt me to just get it, sight unseen – is that it was developed by Silicon Knights, the fellows who gave us the original Legacy of Kain. They also did Dark Legions, a strategy game Mark mentioned fondly in another thread.

Unfortunately, I doubt Eternal Darkness has much in common with either of those games. I’m afraid it might be another Resident Evil kinda thing.


This is a direct quote from the IGN review…

Resident Evil, this game is most absolutely not.

I don’t know how much more I want to read since I’ve been avoiding spoilers for this one like crazy. It’s apparently quite a long game with about 40 hours from start to finish for average players.

It supports progressive scan and 16x9 mode for those with high end video hardware.

The IGN review is glowing and it’s largely spoiler free to boot.

Memory Card 251 should be in stores too if you need some save space.


  1. Buy Eternal Darkness.
  2. It makes RE look like a Grade Z zombie flick.
  3. Don’t read anything about it. Spoilers will damage your ED experience.
  4. Greatest horror game ever. Period. Second place isn’t close. And yes, I’ve played the Silent Hill series. Hell, I’ve played Elvira’s old Amiga games…

Judging by the review that’s about to publish on GameSpot, this game sounds really amazing. I’ll be picking it up today or tomorrow (if I can find it). The sad part is, all the PC adventure gamers out there lamenting the sorry state of their favorite genre are probably going to completely overlook what sounds like the best adventure game in years.

I’ve been watching our reviewer play it for the past few days. Really nice game. I picked up a copy for myself today.

Don’t IGN reviews tend to exaggerate a bit these days? It seems they like things a lot more than I do. Maybe I’m the one that’s “out of sync” with the industry, but either way I’d no longer buy a game just on an IGN review. Maybe I’d buy a game without renting it if IGN and Gamespot both liked it (Gamespot seems to be a lot more reserved in giving out high reviews), but then I still end up with games I don’t like coughHunterTheReckoningcough. So anyway. Rent first generally.

But on the other hand, Gabe at PA had very good things to say about the game.

But on the other other hand, they like anything that deals with putting the undead in their place.

But on the fourth and final hand, I’m sure the Gamecube itself is so bored at this point you could get it to chip in half the money just for the sake of having something other than Smash Bros spin up inside.

The thing that makes me curious about this is that a) tons of people (including me) thought their E3 demo was crappy, and b) a lot of people seem to have turned their opinions around 180 degrees with the final. Of course, I don’t have a GC, so I’d have to mooch off somebody else’s…

Oh, and I don’t care about those other games Silicon Knights has made…all that counts is that they made Fantasy Empires… :D

I’m sure the Gamecube itself is so bored at this point you could get it to chip in half the money just for the sake of having something other than Smash Bros spin up inside.

No kidding. Don’t get me wrong–I love my GameCube. I love the games I have for it. Like, all four of them. If Nintendo wants to be the company that’s “all about the games,” as Dave says, shouldn’t their business strategy include releasing some freaking games? Just a thought.

Most. Pretentious. Game. Title. Ever.

However, it does sound cool. I am intrigued by the effects of the sanity meter, eg, trying to figure out what is real or not, and if your gamecube just crashed. Doh!

What’s pretentious about “Eternal Darkness”?


Wumpus has been dipping into a secret stash of something or the other. Pretentious? In an industry that’s seen “Ultima,” “World’s Greatest Baseball Game,” and developers who called their organization “god?”

Ah, maybe it’s a joke that’s flying over my head.

Wait. Even in a world with “Battlecruiser 3000 AD – The Game That Defines The Space Sim Genre”???

(As opposed to Battlecruiser Online, which is dedicated merely to “expanding the boundaries of the space sim genre.”)

I’ve got it, I’ve played it for 6 hours and…I love it! Eternal Darkness is one of the most enthralling, fascinating action-adventure games I have played in quite some time. Every element of the game is so in-depth, so well thought out, from the deep narrative, sweet visuals and superlative sound (especially on headphones) to the smooth control, intruiging puzzles and highly involved magic system.

While the game isn’t perfect (and what is), and the combat can be a little repetitive, Eternal Darkness is still so far ahead of the competition it’s almost funny…miles above your usual “gore n’ explore” Resident Evil clone.

I think it’s the ridiculous “Sanity’s Requiem” part which is in question. The “Eternal Darkness” bit is OK, “Sanity’s Requiem” just sounds like they’ve been hitting the thesaurus lately…

I got it and played about 2 hours last night. It certainly is good. And creepy. The first time you see the guys with the light beams coming out of their eyes … and I like how the rooms get all nuts when the “insanity meter” is high. i also love how after you behead some baddies they recover a bit and start swinging in the direction they think you’re in.

Haven’t gone very far though. Still in the “lobby” (mansion) learning the game mechanics. No magic yet. The sound is the best ever in a game.

A few rejects:

Eccentricity’s Overture
Sobriety’s Polka
Prelude to Quirky
Dirge of the Daft
Lucidity Takes A Holiday
Marble Madness

Admittedly, the last one was already taken.

Don’t be knockin’ Marble Madness. At least not where I can hear you.


You mean it is not a sequel to Sanity: Aiken’s Artifact?

I don’t think it has anything to do with “Sanitarium” either.

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