Eternal Sonata (Trust Bell) Demo is up on the Japanese Marketplace

This game looks just amazing, and the combat system is fantastic. I’d go so far to say that it’s the best looking 360 game I’ve seen since Gears of War. If you like JRPGs at all, you’re going to love this. Even though the demo comes from the Japanese Marketplace, it is entirely in english.

You have to make a Japanese silver acct on your 360 to grab it… here’s a tutorial on how to do it:

Didn’t Microsoft crack down on that just like, last week?

That was just for video marketplace stuff, I think.

Yeah, it’s only for video marketplace. Arne, the MS rep on NeoGAF said there were no plans to region lock game demos. Although, developers can choose to region lock if they want to.

The game is gorgeous.
I’m not nuts about how action-y the combat is, but the game is so darned interesting looking I’ll get it for sure. I like the way light/shadow affects the moves you have available. I had trouble with the action elements, specifically:

  1. Sometimes it seemed like my timer ran out way too soon
  2. I often started my turn accidentally
  3. I had trouble with Beat’s specials, where I’d hit them but they wouldn’t go off remotely near the end of the timer (this may be intentional, but I’m not sure).